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The Ultimate Furniture Buying Guide for First-Time Buyers

Are you in the preparations to furnish your home or office? The furniture is such a critical investment at your home that you should not rush when shopping. The right furniture is what you need for any room (office or home) to serve its purpose. Some people get frustrated when shopping for furniture. But it the whole process doesn’t have to be stressful. You only need to avoid a few mistakes that most shoppers commit. Ignorance is what makes first-time furniture buyers make the wrong choices. And do you know what it costs them? They will hate every single moment spent in the house.

You need to buy furniture that you will derive pleasure when looking at it. The aim of this guide is to remove any doubts you have to help you shop like a professional. Here, you’ll learn types of furniture available and what you need to do before buying. Also, you’ll learn what to consider when purchasing furniture. Finally, you will know how to find the best price when buying furniture.

Types of Furniture in the Market

There are various types of furniture in the market today. In fact, it can be overwhelming to choose the one that you need most. Thus, even before decide to buy; you need to understand the room you wish to furnish. Here is a walkthrough of the types of the furniture items.

Home Furniture

Living Room-the living room is the epicenter of any home. You need to purchase furniture that can accommodate your family and even guests. Other than serving everyone, make sure there is enough space for people to move around. Your options include sectionals, sofas, loveseats, swivels, recliners and more.


The comfort of your bed is the primary determinant of the quality of sleep you’ll have. Thus, it is essential to know the type to go for. Other furniture items include nightstands, chest, dressers, armoires, and benches.

Dining Room

This is the place where you gather to share what you have as a family. Apart from meals, the room can serve as a place for entertainment and a home night. Furniture options include dining tables and chairs, bar stools, consoles tables, and sideboards.

Office Furniture

The furniture in the offices should be comfortable. This is because you spend a substantial amount of time at the desk and on the seat. The comfort of the office furniture is directly proportional to the productivity of the workers. The office should be conducive enough for the employees. Office items include desks, chairs, storage cabinets, and bookcases.

Things to Do Before Buying Furniture

Before setting out to buy furniture for your house or offices, you need to understand some simple rules. Breaking these rules would mean the worst experience in furnishing your home. Here goes:

Decide How Long You Plan Keep the Furniture

Maybe you don’t plan to retain the furniture for long. You might go for the low-cost furniture in that case. Suppose you want to furnish your first apartment, then you would take a cheaper route. It doesn’t matter to you in such a scenario. The good thing is, you get to furnish your room. You may decide to buy expensive and quality furniture.

Buying quality is noble. But the problem comes when you choose to move. The option would be to sell the furniture, which could take an eternity. Even if you manage to sell it, you only recover a fraction of the initial cost. Transporting it is out of the question due to the distance. You might end up giving it to charity and lose everything. Hence, it is crucial first to decide if you want to keep the furniture before buying.

Establish the Likelihood of Moving

Are you staying in a rental house or your home? If you have a rental house, then you need to shop wisely. The likelihood of moving is high in a rental house. This means that you might need to buy light furniture, which would be easier to move. Bulk pieces will only bring trouble and will cost you a fortune if the distance is long.


The size and also the layout of your room is an important consideration. You need to measure the elevators, the doorways, corners, every place. Make sure whatever furniture you buy can enter your house. Getting the wrong dimension of your furniture concerning the room would be problematic. You do not want to bring a bed that does not fit the doorway. Another thing on measuring is that you should make sure they fit properly. The room should not appear crammed with stuff. Be sure to leave enough space for ease of movement.


If you have plans of furnishing your apartment, then you need to research. Broaden your horizons to see what offers are out there. Visit the various stores and antique shops in your locality. Do not be afraid to ask them questions regarding the best type of furniture for your intended purpose. You may discover something that you had no idea. A good deal might also be awaiting you.

Know Your Budget

Your budget determines where to shop and the quality of furniture you’ll find. If you are in a fix, then you may consider going for used furniture. When on a budget, find the secondhand stores around you. You can also try consignment shops and Craiglist. In fact, it is possible to find high-quality furniture that cost the top dollar at a low price. Exercise extra care when buying used furniture. Some of the items may not last long due to many years of use.

Factors to Consider When Buying Furniture

Room use

The room use is a crucial factor to put into consideration before buying your furniture. The furniture that you install in a room reflects the purpose. Do you want furniture for your bedroom such as the bed? Do you want to furnish the living room? Or you are after furniture items for your offices. The thing is that you have to know the destination of your furniture before deciding to buy. Office desks and tables may not be the same as those at home if you do not use your home as the office.

Layout and Size

To gain the maximum utility of any piece of furniture, consider the size and layout of your room and size of the furniture. A small-sized bedroom with a big tables and bed would make the room appear cramped. There will not be enough space to move around. In the same vein, an office that has little or no movement areas is not conducive. You need to buy furniture that is of the right size. Also, it should leave enough space for the staff to work and interact freely. The right choice of furniture helps to improve the productivity of the workers.


Buying furniture should not make you rush into taking debts. You need to have a budget first. Get the plan of your floor and the dimensions. Develop a visual plan for how you want the room to look like. That should tell you the number of pieces that you should acquire.

Although you would like to spend less when purchasing your furniture, don’t compromise on the quality. But you can furnish your home without the need to break the bank. Secondhand stores can be a good bet. If not that, you can try Craiglist. Strive to buy low-cost but quality items. That is key.

Esthetic Appeal

The furniture items that you buy should blend with the room décor (either in the office or home). The furniture should enhance the beauty of a room’s interior. Make sure that the color matches that of the walls, floor, and ceiling. That gives your home or office a fantastic appearance.

Style and Design

Everybody has their preferences when it comes to the style and design of furniture items. There are many styles to choose from; antique or vintage or traditional. Others prefer a given design to the other. Choose the one that meets your needs. Remember that furniture is an investment. You want something that will remain a treasure for long.


Comfort cannot be over-emphasized. It is the ultimate goal when buying any furniture items. Would you like to buy something only to get disappointed later? Then you need to careful when buying furniture. If you are buying a bed or a couch, test it first. You can decide to lay yourself on it to feel how cozy it is. If it fails to meet your preferences, take a pass.


When shopping for furniture, you need to know how often you will be using the particular item. If you prefer your seat in the bedroom, the invest more in the room seat. The chairs and the desks in the office should be as comfortable as possible. That’s where you consume most of your time. You risk having back pains for using poor quality seats in the office. Ergonomically designed chairs and desks will enhance the productivity of the workers. Their health problems will also reduce.


Wood is the primary material used in producing furniture items. But nowadays, there is even furniture made of particle boards. To make the particle boards, you require chips from wood and glue. Then the material is compressed into sheets. The furniture is usually cheap and easy to move. The downside is that it is not durable. They can be spoilt by water and cannot withstand even the slightest scratches. Solid wood can be classified into two categories; the hard wood and soft woods.

Trees such as mahogany and oak are hardwoods. This is the best material to make furniture with since they will be heavy and tough. Thus, furniture made from them can last a long time. Pine, cypress, and cedar are in the softwoods category. Furniture made of hardwood is expensive compared to that of softwood.


If you are looking for office furniture, you need to make the right choice. An office requires large high storage cabinets. They should also be adjustable on demand so as to suit people of all height. When it comes to chairs and desks, there should be enough legroom to provide maximum comfort. Home cabinets, on the other hand, may be smaller in size. The office chairs will also possess different features from those at home. Of importance is to make sure that it has a compact design. They should also be of the right weight and hence easy to move.


Now, nobody wants to incur costs of maintenance and repairs shortly after buying an item. You do not want to replace your furniture every time they break or wear out. Quality furniture is the one that is not wobbly and heavy. It should also not be easy to scratch. Go for that furniture that lasts a long time.

How to Get The Best Price When Buying Furniture

Spread Your Purchases

First-time homeowners, make the mistake of rushing all furniture items at a go. They are too eager to furnish their homes. That is wrong. You need to give yourself enough time to weigh different options that come your way. Buying furniture in bulk might even prove expensive compared to spreading your purchase. Don’t be tempted to buy a whole set just to fill the space at home.

Consider Floor Models

If you are not comfortable with secondhand furniture, floor models can work for you. The furniture company usually put furniture items outside for display. They are meant to serve as an example of what in the store. These items are placed in the open and handled by a lot of people. So it is possible to find them with wears and tears. But the magnitude of the defects is not big. You just need to approach the store owners and express your interest in buying them. The best thing about it is that you will get them from the stores. Such a furniture item may come at half the regular price.


Most buyers find it uncomfortable to haggle for furniture in the store. Do not be afraid and decide to settle for the price stated in the advert. No seller would refuse to offer a discount provided they do not make a loss. That is the only way to ensure that you get a discount for the item.

Buy Secondhand

It could your first home and most likely you have a fortune when buying it. Despite that, you need to furnish it. This is where you need to consider going for used furniture. Secondhand furniture is not necessarily the poor quality worth throwing away. There are quality items that people dispose of for one reason all the other.

Even if a furniture item has a slight problem, you can take it. That is if the cost of repair does not come anywhere near that of buying a new one. Do not fear if it is dirty; you can wash it to give it a new look. How about covering it with new fabric like leather? You can find secondhand furniture online on sites like Craiglist or even stores that deal in secondhand furniture.

Avoid Zero Percent Financing

Some furniture companies purport to give an incentive to customers by advertising 0% financing. Here, the company provides you with the furniture item after paying a discount. Then you agree to pay the remaining amount in installments. What the companies do is that they attach an interest on the down payment. There is nothing for free as they make customers believe. The item might even be more expensive than buying it. Do not enter into such a trap. Take your time to weigh out the options available and go with the one that favors you.


Buying furniture items does not have to be a hectic undertaking. You need to spend money wisely when buying furniture. Make sure that you don’t rush. Spend your time researching. Also, you need to know the purpose of the furniture. Further, understand your individual needs. Estimate your budget and settle on the best option. Have the best shopping experience.

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