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Top Considerations When Assessing the Value of Home

 The property market is among the most lucrative businesses today. A lot of people are venturing into this sector. Also, one may feel he want to move, thus, selling his old home. Selling your house these days can be hard or easy.

You find that the sale of a home in one region fetches more than the other. This is despite houses being the same in size and design. People might wonder, why the variation? But, some factors affect the value of your home. Some of them include location, neighborhood just to mention a few. There is no need to panic if you are a house seller. We are going to take you stepwise in conducting accurate home valuation.

Location of the House

The location is the primary determinate in the real estate sector. You don’t need to be a genius to know this. It can either cause you to sell your home at a high or low price. Some areas are friendly and livable than others. Understanding your location is the first step before you decide to put a house on sale. This helps you to know if it will favor you.

Where your house is, matters a lot to buyers. Take for instance; if your home is neighboring a well know school. Also, other facilities like hospital, police station, and shops are within the vicinity. What to expect, is the value of your home to be high. It means home seekers will prefer the place. They can access medical attention with ease. Their children can get tom school within the shortest time. Above all, there is assurance of security.

Being close to some facilities sometimes doesn’t always add value to your home. Take a case where a home is near heavy industries or clubs. Potential buyers can avoid the area. This is due fear of pollution by excessive noise and air pollutants. Also, they take areas with many clubs as dangerous security areas.

The geographical location also matters. If you are selling home in the urban area, it will have a higher value. People always like to live close to their workplaces. This forces them to look for homes in an urban setting. If you have a house for sale in towns, the selling price will be high. This is contrary to homes in rural areas. A house in the countryside might be spacious be costing lesser than a smaller one in the town. The buyer will always check commuting fee and the tie he requires to get to the office.

Condition of the House

Some houses are century old but look appealing. It means the owner is always mindful and takes maintenance with seriousness. A well-maintained home will fetch more money than neglected one. It’s common to find some people own house constructed in last ten years ago. But, the condition of a home is desperate. In such situation, it is hard for the seller to convince buyers. In some instances, the cost of repairing such house might be high. It can lead to selling a home at a low price.

The major factor the house condition is the age. A new constructed home looks more appealing that a 50 years old one. Some buyers will opt to look for an old design house. But, it should be well maintained. New homes usually cost more and will earn a large amount of money. This happens because; it features a new design and other current fittings and equipment. The effects are the home will have a high value.

Not all buyers will go for new constructed homes. In fact, in some areas selling an old home is like a treasure. Some of the homes have importance in the local history. The only key point is the maintenance status of a house. In this scenario, the old houses have more value than new home.

The Area Population and Demographic

One of the key drivers in the real estate market is the population. When an area has a high number of resident, house prices go up. If you are ion such area, chances are your house is going to fetch you good money. Where there exist a high number of people, competition for homes will drive the prices up.

You have to look the coin on both sides. High populated areas don’t mean higher house prices. The level of income is determinant here. If they are low earner, the lesser you will sell your home. If the area is for higher the more valuable are houses. This factor will assist you in determining your home value.

The population is important as well as demographic distribution. This is one of the areas that affect home owning. When you classify the population by demographics, you’ll see it affect property market. The young generation is likely to spend more. But, this depends whether they are working. If they are earning, they will have money to spend hence competition. Property price will go up hence it can assist you to determine your house value.

An area inhabited by older population, the house price can be high. They have money and can afford to buy a home. Thereby, you can be sure of great value when selling a home.

Prevailing Market Conditions

The market sometimes is unpredictable. You might wake up today and tomorrow you find everything is different. The same scenario does happen on the property market. When you decide to sell a home, it depends on the market conditions. The time can either see price skyrocket, or at the lowest level. This affects your house price.

Some areas are more prone to a higher level of the market surge than others. The situation arises when there is a high supply than demand of homes and a sluggish economy. Determining the value of the house during this time can cause undervaluing.

When market normalizes prices shoots up again. During this period, selling a home can be an excellent idea. You will have a chance to take advantage of the market price. Though it may not cost as much as a new house, it will have a higher value. It’s also possible to get a buyer as soon as you put it on sale.

Renovations and Upgrades

Whether the house is for sale or not, renovations are a must. They form an important role in maintaining beauty and durability. A home that features regular is appealing to potential buyers. Also, is important to know the critical parts that buyers will inspect. If the house experiences routine maintenance, before selling, repairs are cheap. Although repairing can be cheap, sometimes they can be expensive. Thereby, call an expert to conduct the cost of renovations. It is ideal to consider replacing the older features with new ones. This gives your house an attractive and a new look.

Focus on areas like the floor. If you had a wooden floor, it is worth to have it redone to give it a sense of value. Ensure you maintain the cost at the lowest point while not compromising the work quality. The other place is the kitchen. It’s another area that helps in the valuation of your house. Give it subtle touches by equipping it with modern features. Others include bathroom, lighting system, and an income suite. By repairing and fixing all these, you can expect your house value to shoot.

The House Design and Size

The design of a house plays a big part in determining its marketability. Some designs are more appealing to the customers than others. The neighborhood determines the type of design and layouts. It doesn’t necessary mean it should a copy of the rest in the surrounding. But, with a unique design, it helps to increase the market value. If you look different estates, they have specific plans. Thus, having a different, design might hurt you homes value.

Size is also another important factor. The buyer will always check how big the house is. The size hers isn’t how big structure is. Rather, it is its accommodativeness. For instance, assuming yours is four bedroomed. Then in the neighborhood, there is another one bedroomed. You stand a chance of selling yours at a higher price. Also, others like the number of bathrooms are useful when valuing your home.

Other Extra Features

These days, constructing a house must be having other amenities. They include swimming pools and garage. They are proving to be important to the homebuyers. As you look on the upcoming estates, they are featuring these extra amenities. If you are in a process of selling a house, thy can give a boost to your home value. Make sure that everything is well planned. If the backyard is small, ensure that everything has ample space. This appeal much to buyers, especially if the realizes uniqueness.

Another general consideration is the landscape. The surrounding environment plays a significant part in marketing your house. Well, maintained lawns add aesthetic beauty. The presence of trees makes the area look appealing too. A well-designed landscape puts our house at a competitive level. In most cases, excellent landscaping raises the home value.

Unusual Features/Occurrences

It is common to find that not all inhabited places are comfortable to live. Sometimes these places might experience natural disturbances like flooding. Though it can happen anywhere, some areas are more prone. Such areas people find it difficult to live. These natural calamities can lead to lesser house valuation.

It’s not always the case to sell a home at a low price. Some activities can raise the property value. Some of the processes like rehabilitation to avert flooding can boost the cost of homes in the area. You can take advantage of the situation and sell it at a higher price.


Estimating the value of the house these days shouldn’t be a rocket science. These days there is a lot of information available. Before you get a realtor, it is possible to do your estimations. Since the market keeps on changing the variation shouldn’t scare you. Take the advantage of the market when at the peak and enjoy a high price sale.

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