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Top 20 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a romantic person or not. Your honeymoon ought to be among the most memorable vacations of your life. The possibilities may seem endless. But, you’d want to have the ultimate post-wedding getaway, right? Then, you ought to choose your honeymoon destination wisely. Months of planning have passed. Now, you’ve finally tied that knot. Weddings are full of madness. They require that you choose the right venue and get your dress to the tailor. Also, you could have been prompted to fret over endless logistics.

For that reason, the last thing you’d want to worry about is organizing your honeymoon. But, fear not! The case or reason behind the honeymoon doesn’t matter. Below, we present the top 20 best destinations. They’ll make you want to marry again and again. Here, you and your partner can leave all other things behind. Also, you can soak up the companionship and celebrate the love.

20. Mauritius


Often, people liken Mauritius to a heaven, thanks to its beautiful beaches. These beaches extend into an expanse of the serene blue ocean. This place is tucked away in the Mascarene Islands. In fact, it’s a paradise who name evokes images of pristine beaches and azure blue seas. Furthermore, that’s made even better by the balmy weather and white, sandy beaches. It’s a fantastic opportunity for partners to rekindle their love. It’d be a great retreat, following the hectic wedding spell. Mauritius is an appropriate destination for a relaxing honeymoon.

19. Bali


Here’s another tropical paradise. It’s a perfect getaway for partners. You’ll be able to explore the beautiful environment as you cycle together. You’ll love the villages found in this location. Greenery flanks most of these villages and roads. It’s a honeymoon destination which has relaxing spots on the beaches. This area is sprinkled with some bits of spirituality, culture, and adventure, too.

You can opt to laze around together on the beaches. Also, you can consult shamans to predict your fantastic future together. You can decide to enjoy a romantic breakfast at the top of active volcanoes. As well, you should consider taking several couple cooking classes. Then, you’ll learn how to prepare Indonesian fried rice together. We guarantee that you’ll enjoy a unique experience that’s even worth having.

18. Maldives


This popular destination offers luxurious honeymoons. Say you’re the kind that loves going all out, regardless of what it’s for. Then, it’d be a wiser idea to consider Maldives as your upcoming honeymoon destination. Thinking of Maldives and there’s that first thing which comes to mind. That’s the huts which are suspended over the waters of the Indian Ocean. That guarantees luxury. The resorts can organize candlelit dinners on private islands.

Remember to give the exotic couples’ spa therapy a try. It’ll help melt away all stress brought about the wedding. You’ll enjoy epic moments with the Maldives’ salubrious weather. You’re free to dive deep. There, you can explore the coral reefs with your partner. Also, you can surf over them. Maldives barely gets crowded. You’re thus assured of a peaceful, indulgent, and tropical honeymoon.

17. Serengeti National Park (Tanzania)

Serengeti National Park

It’d be a perfect choice for couples which are seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The adventurous safaris and activities here make for the ultimate honeymoon bragging rights. Your travels, topping it all off, will contribute to this park’s conservation efforts. The tourism revenues often fund such efforts. You’ll wake up each morning to parades of elephants. The most appropriate time for your honeymoon in Serengeti is between June and October.

16. Lagos (Portugal)

Lagos (Portugal)

Lisbon’s chic cosmopolitans often head to the Algarve for its beaches and surfing activities. Most likely, Lagos tops their lists. The low-key vibe here walks a fine line between catering and remaining unaffected. In turn, that results in an exciting nightlife scene, top-quality hotels, and eateries.

Also, there’s an English-speaking population that’s rifle with the chic ex-pats. There’s plenty of exquisite accommodation options, suited for all budget levels. Lagos is an all-year-round destination. The best times to win off-season rates are during the winter months.

15. Tasmania (Australia)

Tasmania (Australia)

It’s among the smallest island states in Australia. In particular, it’s a heart-shaped region that’s just breathtaking. Furthermore, its atmosphere comprises the cleanest air in the world. Tasmania will certainly fit the bill for any adventurous couple. It’s an opportunity to dine and wine in the Great Oyster Bay. You shouldn’t miss the oysters which are shucked, then prepared for you. Australia’s summer months start from December all through February. It’s a perfect option for warm weather getaways.

14. Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

There’s virtually no better place for fairy-tale honeymoons than Walt Disney World’s Resorts. There are multiple packages to choose from. For instance, there’s the honeymoon, the romantic, as well as the deluxe escapes. Also, those packages are inclusive of park passes and accommodations. There’s a broad list of available amenities. Such include couple’s spa treatment and honeymoon pictures at various Disney sites. True Disney fans will be able to bring the entire wedding to Walt Disney World. But, it’ll now be with a customized theme ceremony.

13. The St. Regis, Florence (Italy)

The St. Regis, Florence (Italy)

Are you just seeking a more romantic honeymoon? Then, you’d need to consider heading out for a trip to Italy. Florence guarantees amazing art, hearty meals, starry eyes, and much more. The St. Regis is housed in an 18th Century former palace that overlooks the Arno River. It oozes with notable features of the Florentine culture.

The rooms are still a perfect fit for royalty. In fact, they’re decorated with marble and frescoes. This hotel’s situated just near the Duomo Cathedral and the magnificent Uffizi Gallery. But, this destination doesn’t have to be the only stop-point. Most honeymooners often choose to head on to other hot spots like Venice, the Amalfi Coast, and Rome.

12. Marrakesh (Morocco)

Marrakesh (Morocco)

Fashion designers and rock stars have been visiting this city for several decades now. And, that’s actually for a pretty comprehensive reason. They tend to seek inspiration from this North African town. It’ll feel like you wandered into a movie series that’s complete with belly dancers. Also, horse-drawn carriage rides and snake charmers are among other attractions here. Also, there’s an extensive maze which comprises endless markets. While there, ensure to visit the former home of Saint Laurent. Also, make a stop at the Galerie ‘Love’. It’s a combination of designer’s collage posters, having the word ‘love’ scrawled on them.

11. Iceland


The scenery here changes every few minutes. It comprises the Green Middle Earth or volcanic and lunar-looking landscapes. Shattering waterfalls are characteristic of this region. Your honeymoon in Iceland will remain etched on your head forever. It’s an exciting, but rare opportunity to watch massive Blue Lagoon and soaring geysers. There are plenty of lodgings, restaurants, and hotels. Some are notably sophisticated and well-designed. But, make sure that you visit the picturesque Snaefellsjökull Park.

It has an unimposing glacier right at the park’s center. This park grew popular when people used it as the ‘getaway to the earth’s center’. In this park, you’ll see several beautiful, natural creations. That includes two huge lava formations, in addition to a hidden waterfall. This destination will enable you to mix romance with some adventure.

10. Vancouver Islands (Canada)

Vancouver Islands

Maybe, you love sea sports. Vancouver Islands is a hot spot which has something for almost everyone. This city, surrounded by mountains, offers endless adventures. In fact, this region is well-known for its exquisite beaches. As well, outdoor adventures and surfing hot spots are exceptional. This place’s most exciting between the months of December to February. Also, it’ll be an outstanding chance to cuddle up to sounds of powerful, roaring waves. Besides, you’ll enjoy all that right from your room’s comfort.

The sounds of waves and winds can be hypnotizing, hence creating magical sounds. You can stay active throughout the entire day biking, sailing, or trailing. For an exclusive, cosmopolitan scene, head towards the city’s heart at night. As well, ensure to heat things up on the hot springs in the nearby Maquina Marine Park. But, you can only reach this park by boat.

9. Palm Springs (California)

Palm Springs

It’s a West Coast destination. In fact, it has always remained as a hip. In the 20th Century, musicians and actors like Marilyn Monroe were regulars here. It’s a desert oasis that’s super-popular among most architects. Nowadays, their mid-century masterpieces are a hallmark of the retro-fun California. Make reservations at the Purple Room, which is among California’s original clubs. In turn, that will enable you to enjoy live entertainment. As well, you’ll be able to soak up the prevailing atmosphere over a martini.

8. Whitehouse (Jamaica)

Whitehouse (Jamaica)

Jamaica is known as home to a slew of ultra-luxurious all-inclusivism. That implies that you’ll get a 5-star honeymoon experience without breaking the bank. There are multiple resorts and other accommodation facilities. You’ve already taken the plunge, right? Then, now it’s time to go deeper with your partner and learn to scuba dive. In fact, that will cost you none of your money. Check out the diving and gear rentals in the resort fees. Whitehouse is a prominent destination for how welcoming it is.

7. Lucerne (Switzerland) and Paris

Lucerne (Switzerland) and Paris

Let’s assume that Bollywood has taught us something. Then, that thing’s that no true love becomes complete without a trip to Switzerland. Onto that, add Paris, the city of eternal love. When combined, it’d be a honeymoon which spells out classic romance.

It’ll be far more perfect when it’s accompanied by some of the world’s best chocolate and cheese. Also, some wine will help set the mood. It’ll be a complete honeymoon experience. Just visit Switzerland before taking a trip to Paris. But, ensure that you’ve got great pictures to make other people envious. A trip to the Swiss’ land is an ultimate way to celebrate your love.

6. Phuket and Krabi (Thailand)

Phuket and Krabi (Thailand)

These destinations would best suit those who’re seeking a fun, party-like honeymoon. Thailand is widely famous for its stern reputation as a fabulous shopping destination. Also, its exotic beachside joints contribute a lot towards Thailand’s popularity. While it’s developing at a quick rate, it still holds onto their cultural definition.

Say you’re seeking an incredible, island-hopping honeymoon which goes beyond even the beaches. Then, you’d need to consider Krabi and Phuket, situated in Southern Thailand. They’re especially perfect options for young couples. Here, there’s quite a lot which you can do and explore. In case you’re interested, you can take some time to enjoy the eclectic nightlife. Thailand’s beauty enables you to experience a chilled-out honeymoon with your partner.

5. Croatia


Several iconic celebrities have traveled here before. That includes Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Also, Croatia is among the most romantic destinations throughout the world. The pine trees’ scent pervades the wild Vis beaches. Also, the clear waters here astound many visitors. As well, there are other towns which will have you drinking champagne on rocky cliffs at sunset.

You’re definite to appreciate this country’s lack of major, must-see landmarks. In other European countries and cities, it’d make visiting there for beach experiences something your loved ones would hold against you. Besides, you’ll come across fabulous galleries, restaurants, bars, and venues. Say you’re a wine lover. Croatia is home to some of this area’s distinctive varietals.

4. British Columbia (Canada)

British Columbia (Canada)

This region is best known for the food scene. Also, the adrenaline-junkie appeal and the landscape contribute towards this area’s popularity. Whistler’s artsy vibes and slopes make for the main attractions in British Columbia. Also, chartering a boat to take in a natural beauty is just a romantic activity.

It’s worth splurging cash on. The Asian influence in British Columbia comes to life in the excellent eateries. Those-in-the-know would recommend trusting the chefs and requesting the Omakase menu. It’s a significant opportunity to make your honeymoon dream come true.

3. Guadeloupe & Martinique

Guadeloupe & Martinique

East coasters can fly via the Norwegian Air’s direct flights to this French Caribbean. Ensure to head to any of those chic getaways. In turn, it’ll grant you the opportunity to island-hop from one island to the other. You’ll love the exceptional blend of cuisines and cultures on the breathtaking shore-fronts. That blend makes these destinations among the top picks. Also, they’re excellent for couples that are seeking the best from both worlds.

The food on the abundant islands is just as impressive as the stellar beaches. Accommodations range from renovated colonial houses to quaint cottages. You’re, most probably, seeking an ultimate honeymoon experience. Then, ensure to visit these spots between the months of December and April.

2. Kas (Turkey)

Kas (Turkey)

Beautiful as the Greek Islands are, they’ve got some sort of ‘been-there-done-that’ feel. You can head towards this less touristy beachfront township, along the Turquoise Coast. In particular, it offers equal parts of authenticity and luxury. Scuba-diving in Kas is unparalleled. Sunbathing on the Patara Beach will enable you to view ancient ruins simultaneously. They run along the 9-mile stretch. In fact, the Patara is the longest Mediterranean beach. It’s all about breathtaking ocean views and easy-going days.

1. Israel


You can begin your honeymoon trip in the bustling metropolis of Tel Aviv. Also, it’s a beach town. Or, you can opt to tour Jerusalem’s historic sites. Then, you’re free to select your adventure. You’d want to head north if you wish to experience hikes and Jeep rides in the Golan Mountains.

As well, you can head south to the world’s renowned Dead Sea spas. There, you’ll be able to take in the desert’s serenity. You’re definite to enjoy a kind of experience which will have you longing to head back there. In particular, visit this region in May. But, in April, the weather’s neither too hot nor too cold.

Honeymoon pressure is very real. Luckily, the guide above will keep you covered. The above destinations are brag-worthy and romantic. They’re filled with doting waiters and secret coves. They make your honeymoon in paradise an affair to remember. In fact, there’s something for almost everyone on the list featured above.

They’re ringed with beaches and filled with history and lush vineyards. Also, they teem with wildlife. It’s almost impossible to go wrong with honeymoons in the destinations we’ve discussed. Now, it’s time that you play your part. Choose a destination that’s most likely to appeal to you, and your partner, too. Read the guide again and make an informed decision. Good luck!

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