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Top 18 Richest People in the World 2018

Everyone has his or her definition of being wealthy or rich. However, society has different standards when it comes to that definition. You may have seen lists in different sites ranking the rich in the globe. Given the high number of people in the world who are rich, making your way into the list is not a joke. You need to be staggering rich in order to make it to the top 100. I am going to rank the billionaires of the world starting with the richest.

Additionally, we shall cover their sources of wealth and the businesses they own. Also, we shall cover their nationalities and also their involvement in politics. While there are varied basis of ranking the richest people including, gender, industry and also age, this compilation covers all industries, all regions and gender; provided you’re rich!

1. Bill Gates


Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft. The company came into being when he was 20. It is not until he was 31 years that it went public. However, he did not do this alone. His childhood friend was in the picture too since the early days. Gates was the CEO of the company until 2000.

Up to until 2014, Gates was the major shareholder. Currently, he no longer plays an active role in running of the company. Today, his net-worth is at 87.4 billion US dollars. Despite him being rich, Gates is a very generous man. With the help of his wife Melinda, they founded a charity foundation in 1999. It controls more than 40 billion US dollars endowment.

The main focus of the charity is eradication of infectious diseases including malaria. It also helps those living with HIV/AIDS. Additionally, Gates loves Africa and his involvement and also support is being felt. Gate’s is definitely one of the biggest names in the technology industry. In fact, he is credited to be a leader in the computer industry.

2. Amancio Ortega


Ortega is currently 79 old and he hails from Spain. His net-worth is 66 billion US dollars. Ortega’s wealth comes from behemoth Inditex, which is a Spanish fashion line. In his early days, Ortega worked as a delivery boy in a local clothing shop. His fashion line spiked in 2015. He went ahead to open two hundred and thirty stores in 48 markets.

Even with all that money, Ortega maintains a humble living style. He goes for lunch at the company cafeteria where his employees eat from. His uniform is a simple blue blazer and white shirt.

3. Warren Buffet


Buffet just clocked 85. He is an American citizen by birth. His journey to success did not start yesterday. It goes back to when he was a child. He was a delivery boy before the age of 10. At 11, he purchased shares in the US stock market. They were going for 38 dollars each. Later on, buffet sold them making 5 dollar profit each.

He applied to Harvard and was turned down. This did not kill his dream of getting into business school though. He obtained his degree from Columbia university. In the early 1950’s he founded his investment company. He has shares in Dairy Queen, Coca-Cola, General Motors, Geico and American express.

4. Jeff Bezos


The billionaire is 50 and he is an American citizen. His net-worth is at 56.6 billion US dollars. His wealth comes from e-commerce. After spending considerable time in wall street, he started amazon.com. All this was done from his garage in 1994. The company became public after three years since its founding. It was only dealing in books but now you can find almost anything on amazon.com.

He has had his share of negative criticism from the media in the past year. It was reported that the warehouses are toxic and high-pressure zone. He bought into Washington post and Blue Origin which is a space company.

5. David Koch


David is 75 years and a USA citizen. He runs Koch industries with his brother Charles. It is the second-largest privately owned company in the US. It makes a lot of products ranging from biodiesel and asphalt to Dixie cups and fertilizer.

The 2 brothers are famous for their conservative nature. They also have a profound political influence. This year the 2 have a pledge to spend seven hundred and fifty million US dollars on causes and campaigns in the year 2018. David is not much into being in the public spotlight. However, his brother Charles loves attention.

David has had near-death moments twice. In the 1991, he was the the only survivor after a plane he was traveling in crashed. Also, he won a battle against prostate cancer. He is a generous giver who has donated more than 1.2 billion US dollars in charity. They range from cultural institutions and cancer research to education and hospitals.

6. Charles Koch


He is an 80-year-old man. He is the CEO of Koch industries, which is a large private company. The company has over one hundred thousand employees. It generates one hundred and fifteen billion from sales. He is quiet outspoke when it comes to politics. Nonetheless, he is a conservative.

There has been a recent resurfacing of documents, which show that Charles plans to reshape the politics in America. It has been rumored that he is developing libertarian movement.

7. Larry Ellison


Larry is 71 years old. His wealth is $45.3 billion. Together with his 2 colleagues, they resigned from an electronic company in 1977 to start a programming firm. The firm won a contract to build a system for relational management for the CIA. It is what is known as oracle corp currently. His firm is second to Microsoft in software making. Ellison cut down his salary from one million US dollars to one dollar. However, he pockets more than sixty million US dollars in compensation owing to the stock awards. He gave up the CEO position in 2014 after holding the position for 38 years. He is now the chief technology office.

Larry is a philanthropist. He has partnerships with groups dealing with wildlife conservation. There is Lawrence Ellison foundation which support firms which deal with infectious diseases. It also supports organizations which conduct research on the aging. He is a member in ”Giving Pledge” which is a organization founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet for billionaires to give half of their fortune to help the needy in the society.

8. Mark Zuckerberg


Zuckerberg is a young billionaire. He launched Facebook in 2004 at just 19 yeas. After dropping out of school to work full-time on the site, its popularity went off the roof. It is now being used by more than one billion people. It is worth 275 US billion dollars.

Zuckerberg has a daughter with Priscilla Chan. They also founded a Chan Zuckerberg initiative which pledges to give 99% of what they own. Besides this, they gave 25 million dollars in 2015 to fight Ebola. Additionally, they donated shares worth one hundred million in improvement of public-school system in New Jersey.

Additionally, Mark is very passionate about connecting as many people to the Internet as possible. Facebook is the largest social media platform and also one that has changed the way people interact. Additionally, Facebook bought Whatsapp, a messaging platform which today has over 1 billion users globally.

9. Michael Bloomberg


He is number nine in the worlds richest people. His wealth comes from a long career in the financial field. He has a financial-data firm founded in 1981. The company has a media and news subsidiary, which was added in 2009. However, the bulk of the earnings come from sale of terminals. The traders in Wall Street rely on them to get updated information on market and financial issues.

He become the mayor of New York City in 2002 after leaving the company to vie for this seat. After the term was over, he went back to Bloomberg LP to change the operation of the newsroom. Currently, he is looking to go back to public service. The battle is tough. However, he is a conservative and supports abortion rights, curbing climate change and gun control. He spent about two hundred and sixty one million dollars in running for New York City office. He says he is ready to spend even one billion dollars of his own money in vying for the presidential seat.

10. Ingvar Kamprad


He is 89 years old and a citizen of Sweden. He is the founder of IKEA. The company was started when Ingvar was 17 years old. It is the largest furniture retail shop in the world. The sales are more than thirty three billion US dollars. Even though he is no longer active in the daily operations of the company, he attends meetings. He is also the adviser to the supervising board.

Even with the wealth, he has driven a Volvo for more than 20 yeas and also flies economy. Additionally, is accommodation plan is limited to cheap hotels. Ingvar is also generous when it comes to spending his money, something which makes him be loved across the board. The donations he makes go to medical research, education and wildlife. He also helps in supporting immunization,child right and also environment.

11. Larry Page


Larry is 42 years old. He is valued at $38.5 billion. While doing his PhD course in 1998, he created BackRub with his classmate. It was the first search engine. BackRub later become Google. It is worth $500 billion.

He is not known to be extravagant. However, he has an eco-friendly mansion. It uses rainwater capture and operates under geothermal energy. He is a kite-boarder.

12. Sergey Brin


He is a 42 year old US citizen. His net-worth is $37 billion. He co-founded BackRub and later Google with Larry page. He is the president of the company while page is the CEO.

13. Jim Walton


Jim is 67 years old. His net worth is $34.8 billion. He is the CEO of regional community bank. It has assets worth $15 billion. He owes his success to his parents. They made a purchase into Arkansas’ bank before opening Walmart stores.

Jim is a director at Walton enterprises. The company serves the Walton family. He is also the chairman of the community publishers, in Arkansas. After the death of his brother in 2005, he became the director of Walmart. Besides this, he serves in its board.

The family is very private. However, it started a family foundation. Jim is the treasurer and also the secretary. The family gave shares worth $407 million to a trust that is philanthropic. Its main focus is in social causes, community development, cultural issues and education.

14. Rob Walton


Rob is 71 years old and the son of Walmart founder. His time in the company started in 1969. He served as a chairman, general counsel and senior vice president. This was in the course of his twenty-three years in the firm. After stepping down, his son-in-law took up the job.

Walmart has a reputation for being greedy because the employees are underpaid. However, the family has a philanthropic character. The siblings donated shares worth 407 million US dollars to a charitable trust. Rob contributed 1.5 million Walmart shares.

15. Wang Jianlin


Wang is a 61 old Chinese man. He is a real estate mogul making him the wealthiest man in Asia. He was serving in military between 1910 and 198. Thereafter, he went into business. He has shares in many sectors. His strongest investments are overseas. His fortune doubled between 2014 and 2015. Wang is planning on moving ahead to the culture industry.

16. Liliane Bettencourt


Liliane is a France citizen. She is 93 years old. Lilian inherited a cosmetic industry from her parents, making her the wealthiest woman in Europe. Today her net worth is $29 billion. However, she does not have a active role in operation of L’Oreal cosmetics. Nonetheless, she co-founded a foundation with her dead husband, which is prosperous. She loves art and has collections from Munch, Matisse and Picasso.

Bettencourt has been in the spotlight in France for some time. It was during a trial to examine whether she was taken advantage by those operating closely to her. At the end of the trial, 8 people were found guilty. They include financial advisers and trusted friends. In late 2015, she was back in the spotlight after five journalists and her butler were accused of recording meetings with her. All of them were found guilty.

17. Bernard Arnault


Bernard is sixty-six years old. He hails from France. His net worth is $28.9 billion. Apart from inheriting wealth from his family, he is the founder of LVMH, which deals with luxury goods. The company houses over seventy luxury brands. They are controlled by Groupe Arnault, which is the parent company. Arnault is a civil engineer. He is joining Catterton, which is a private-equity firm this year. He plans to form an investment firm focused on the consumers.

18. Stefan Persson


Stefan is from Sweden and he is sixty-eight years. He joined the company founded by his father after earning his degrees from Lund university and the University of Stockholm. The company has prospered over the past 30 years; it has 4000 stores in various places. They include the US, China, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Japan and Russia. His son took over the management of the company in 2009 after Stefan stepped out. The company reported sales of $22.4 billion in the year 2014.


The list above documents the richest guys globally who also dominate a number of industries. As shown, most of them are entrepreneurs whose businesses are in different industries and also of varied ages. In addition to these guys being involved in business, they also have a great say in politics in their countries. While a number of these guys started from scratch, a number of them inherited their wealth from their parents. Others have multiple sources of wealth. In conclusion, it is worth noting that this list is not static, new billionaires are emerging daily.

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