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Grow your Business with Linkedin Marketing

Of all the major Social Media platforms, LinkedIn is probably the most unique one. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (you can also include Snapchat) which focuses on friendly and personal communication, LinkedIn is all about growing your professional network. You might be friends with your neighbor, mother-in-law or highschool acquaintance on Facebook, but on LinkedIn, you have to connect with mentors, colleagues and even potential business partners to grow your professional portfolio.


Unlike Social Media giants such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has a rather lower number of users. In 2017, it has 467 million of total users but only 106 million monthly active users. Definitely meager compared to Facebook which reaches a total of 2 billion users already. Twitter’s monthly active users are even higher with a recorded total of over 330 million in 2017 alone. However, LinkedIn is not really about the numbers – it’s all about useful, professional connections.


Being a ground for professional connections makes LinkedIn a good channel for forging new partnerships, gaining new opportunities and even hiring new people. LinkedIn does not just help individuals potentially grow their career, but it can also help entrepreneurs in particular to grow a business. Here’s why:

You get to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs

Growing your business does not only mean that you should market and promote your brand successfully, it also means making the right connections within your niche and the industry in general.


Forging business partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs can improve your business in many ways. More experienced ones can give you tips and advice when it comes to decision-making and business-handling. Aside from that, you can even partner with other entrepreneurs in a different niche to widen your brand exposure and mileage. You can also learn how to market your business successfully online with the help of LinkedIn connections.


It is also easy to find like-minded entrepreneurs in LinkedIn as long as you fill up your profile correctly. The platform can suggest and match you up with people from similar industries and to those who are doing business near you – opening many opportunities to connect and engage for professional purposes.

It helps you find the right professionals


Aside from business partners, what you direly need to ensure the growth and success of your business are reliable and talented workers. People go to LinkedIn to put up their professional profile – making it easier for employers to scour through or look up for the right candidate during the hiring process.


With a LinkedIn profile available, you also get introduced to talented people who are working under the same niche or industry. This gives you a quick view of people who have the right skills that can help navigate your business towards success.


Best of all, you also get to browse through every individual’s experience, previous outputs and general achievements – saving you much time when it comes to choosing new people that may join your team. Communication is also made easier with LinkedIn’s chat or messaging feature. You can even leave feedback and ratings to people who have worked or are currently working for you.

It builds up your credibility and authority


Aside from connecting with professionals and talents within the industry, LinkedIn also gives you space for gaining reviews, feedback and skills rating from people you have worked or had projects with. The more positive feedback you get, your credibility and authority in your niche goes up.


Aside from that, LinkedIn can be a good channel for cultivating brand image and content marketing. You can post your thoughts and industry tips/tricks on your page and get people to read and add their feedback to it.


It may take some time though, because you do need to engage with many connections as possible to have feedback and audience in your LinkedIn profile, but it would pay off well in the long run.


Do remember however that like any Social Media platform, LinkedIn is merely a channel. Whatever it reflects will be based on what you actually do in real life. If you are honest and fair among your partners and employees, you are more likely to get the positive feedback and reviews on your profile.


Growing your business should not also be dependent on LinkedIn. Sure, there’s a much bigger chance for you to find respectable professionals there, but if you are thinking about full-blown or grassroots marketing, LinkedIn might not be the perfect platform.


LinkedIn is a great business-to-business channel, but it is definitely not for business-to-customer dealings. To effectively grow your business, you still have to go out there and work it. However, the tips and advice you get from LinkedIn connections, plus the talent you can find from there can be very useful once you are in the field – and these are your weapons to make business success and growth a reality.

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