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Top 10 Best Wireless Routers Reviewed In 2018

Best Wireless Routers

These days, routers are found in almost every home, office among other places. Unlike in the past, today’s routers are smaller, much powerful and affordable. The most appealing of all is the fact that they are wireless hence eliminating the need for wiring your house. With this feature, these wireless routers make it possible to connect your smartphones, tablets and other devices which don’t have Ethernet ports.

Routers are must have gadgets and preferable than wired connection due to their versatility. By considering many devices are manufactured with wireless capability and lack Ethernet ports, wireless routers become absolutes devices to have. Moreover, if there is the need for a wired connection, these routers still provides ports for connection. Below are top 10 best wireless routers in 2018 reviews.

Product NameLAN Port
D-Link AC3200 Ultra Tri-Band Wireless4 gigabit LAN ports
Linksys AC1750 Dual-Band Smart Wireless Router8 gigabit LAN ports
ASUS AC1900 Dual-Band Wireless- Gigabit Router4 gigabit LAN ports
NETGEAR AC1750 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router4 gigabit LAN ports
Linksys WRT AC1200 Dual-Band Wireless Router4 gigabit LAN ports
NETGEAR N750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router4 gigabit LAN ports
NETGEAR N300 Wireless Wi-Fi Router4 gigabit LAN ports
TP-Link Archer C7 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router4 gigabit LAN ports
Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router2 gigabit LAN ports
TP-Link N450 Wireless Wi-Fi Router4 gigabit LAN ports

Factors to Look When Buying Wireless Router

Network Speed: Even before you shop for a router, the first question to ask yourself is how fast should be your router be. This, of course, is also dictated by how you intend to use your internet. Nowadays, having the internet at home is common in many homes. The standard Wi-Fi connectivity is 802.11ac and is capable of streaming High Definition videos. However, due to obstacles, the ability of this network is reduced. As a result, you can opt to spend a few dollars to get a more powerful router with 1000 Mbps instead of regular ones which are rated 100 Mbps.

Wireless Network Data Security: It’s enjoyable to use wireless network at hoe as no need to use cables and can connect to range of devices. However, as the way they are effective, more they are prone to threats of hacking and data loss. To prevent this scenario, it’s ideal to look for a router which supports WPA2. You should ensure your device can support this kind of security technology to work. A router with WPA and WEP are easily crackable hence easily infiltrated by crooks.

Number of Bands: With advancing technology routers are becoming faster. Now, majority of them which are available on the market comes with dual bands. However, nowadays, we have which are tri-bands. If a router has a single band, it means it can’t support many devices as congestion will build up. Therefore, check for one with either two or more band to enjoy unlimited speed.

Smart Control: Today there is no need to connect a router to a computer through a wired connection to configure it. They are available in smart operation where it’s possible to manage everything wirelessly through a tablet or smartphone. Getting such a router enables you to control it no matter where you are.

10. D-Link AC3200 Ultra Tri-Band Wireless, 6 Beamforming Antennas

D-Link AC3200 Ultra Tri-Band Wireless, 6 Beamforming Antennas

D-link is a Taiwanese multinational company which is involved in production of networking equipment. Having been in market since 1986, it’s known for production of high-quality products. Now, one of their known products is this D-link AC3200 wireless router with tri-band Wi-Fi. The device comes with dedicated speed thus ideal for use in variety of places where fast internet is needed. In addition, the general construction gives the device an extraordinary appearance. Technology wise, AC3200 is a router to watch as it boasts some of the finest tech available today.

One of the premium features accompanying this router is the enhanced tri-band enhancement. Now, at times, it becomes hard to enjoy high speed due to a large number of devices using your router. Although many routers offer dual-band, it might not perform some of the tasks. But, with this D-link AC3200, you can now perform all your tasks. It comes enjoying tri-band; two 5 GHz and one 2.4 GHz. This means it can achieve speed of 1×600mbps in 2.4 GHz and 2×1300 Mbps in 5GHz. This speed is ideal for your entire home and offices need without causing delays.

The performance of this router is another feature which D-Link has boosted to enable the device to operate without hanging. It enjoys a powerful 1 GHz dual core processor to increase speed to your wired and wireless internet. Further; the processor is efficient and less power consuming, unlike earlier routers. As a result, the device can be used by multiple devices while maintaining high level of performance.

Another fantastic quality about this router is the smart connect ability. As we had mentioned earlier, D-link AC3200 is tri-band enabled, therefore, to make it efficient and eliminates any chance of inconveniences, it is designed featuring smart connect technology. This feature allows the router to connect automatically with available device. Each device connects to a specific band hence avoiding overcrowding leading to maximum surfing speed. If you add a device, the router will assign it available clearer band hence won’t slow your network.

D-Link AC3200 Ultra Tri-Band Wireless, 6 Beamforming Antennas

To enable greater WiFi range, this router is equipped with 6 antennas; this is, unlike rivals which come with two or three. In addition, these antennas are enhanced with smart beaming technology which improves the bandwidth coverage thereby ideal for heavy duty internet usages like streaming HD videos, video calling and gaming. Further, each antenna is equipped with smarter bandwidth to select devices automatically. This prevents interference when a news device is connected.

When enjoying your network, you can be sure that no one is eavesdropping due to the high-security measures in this router. To give your data high level of security, the router is enhanced with WPA/WPA2 encryption. This makes sure that your every day is safe and well protected. On the other hand, this router has Ethernet ports to connect to your desktop and also two USB ports.

To summarize, it’s evident that D-Link AC3200 is a top performing wireless router. If you are looking ways to stream high-definition movies, video calls and the like, it’s a perfect device to own. Boasting high data security and multiple Ethernet connectivity ports, no chances leaving your desktops unconnected. It has ultimate connection range.

  • High data encryption
  • 6 Smart beaming enhanced antennas
  • High-performance processor
  • Greater W-Fi range
  • Unfriendly user interface

9. Linksys AC1750 Dual-Band Smart Wireless Router, MU-MIMO

Linksys AC1750 Dual-Band Smart Wireless Router, MU-MIMO

Linksys is a company which produces networking products mostly for home and small businesses. It was formed in 1988 and has continued to deliver high-performing devices like routers (wired and wireless), VoIP and Ethernet switches among other products. Linksys AC1750 Dual band is one of their favorite products which is designed to offer connectivity to homes and offices. Its high-speed performance keeps it delivering fast internet without buffering s enabling you to perform variety of activities.

Now, if you are using older type of router which offers fluctuating networks, it’s time to relax. Linksys AC1750 is designed with seamless roaming technology to keep your whole house Wi-Fi covered. This means that even when you are moving from one room to another, the speed is always constant. Additionally, the seamless roaming allows your devices to switch to the strongest available network helping to maintain high-speed internet. With this router, it eliminates need to connect with Wi-Fi range extender manually. Devices detect strongest network automatically.

When it comes to fast speed internet, it’s one of the features that many customers consider. If a router is slow, it can restrict your activities. But, for Linksys AC1750 things are different. It comes enjoying dual Wi-Fi bands delivering a total of 1.6 Gbps. This is an incredible speed which allows you to perform all internet based activities with just a tap. As a result, this device can support up to 10 devices at ago without affecting its speed and functioning. One of the bands d is 2.4 GHz while another one is 5GHz making the device ideal for HD and 4K videos streaming.

To support the ability of this router to deliver high-speed internet, it boasts three active antennas. They are strong structurally and functionally with ability to maintain strong network delivery. These antennas are ideal for the maintenance of a reliable signal all over the house, thereby keeping you high speed all the time. Thus, if you experience signal problem with your current router, this one delivers a stable and reliable solution. In addition, when you need to share information of with other family members, uploading data or downloading it’s possible to connect this router with storage devices. It has USB 3.0 ports which transfer data 10 times than standard ports.

Linksys AC1750 Dual-Band Smart Wireless Router, MU-MIMO

Structurally, Linksys AC1750 wireless router is a powerful device. To enable this, the device is equipped with a dual-core processor which allows it to perform without hanging. It allows extremely fast data transfer rate allowing you to achieve maximum speed and performance. Additionally, besides delivering high-speed wireless signal, you can also use it in a wired connection through the equipped Ethernet gigabit ports. The ports also allow for extremely data transfer than regular Ethernet ports.

You can always be sure about security of your Wi-Fi connection due to the ability to customize this router. It allows you to access the real-time information about how the device is working and connected devices. Thereby it’s possible to filter out unwanted devices or help in managing your kids’ access to the internet while at home or away. This feature is also ideal as you can create guests network and share via messages or emails.

In summary, Linksys AC1750 is a heavy duty router dedicated to bringing speed in your home. The ability to support up to ten devices creates guest network and monitor kids’ activities gives the device a thumb up. It is ideal for home and small offices while price is relatively low compared to D-Link AC3200.

  • Great for parental control
  • Easy and quick set up
  • Remote Wi-Fi control app
  • Heavy duty dual core processor
  • Some auto disconnection issues

8. ASUS AC1900 Dual-Band Wireless- Gigabit Router, Dual Bands, ASUSWRT Interface

ASUS Dual-band Wireless-AC1900 Gigabit Router, Dual Bands, ASUSWRT Interface

ASUS AC190 dual band router is a product from Asus. The company is one of the leading corporations in the production of PC computers, monitors graphic cards and networking equipment among others. By being in production for almost 30 years, it delivers premium quality products. Now, this dual band wireless router is all you need to make your home a Wi-Fi hotspot. No more buffering or speeds reduction with this router as it achieves a data rate of 1900 Mbps. The high performing processor, powerful triple antennas, and connection ports allow you to enjoy more functionality.

One of the qualities which come accompanying this router is extra-fast internet. Whether you want to use Wi-Fi connection, the device allows you to enjoy exceptional speed. To allow this transfer rate, this router comes with dual bands; 2.4 GHz and 5 GHZ. For the 2 GHZ, it can allow transfer of 600mbps and 1900mbps which are three times faster than 802.11ac routers. Also, it’s enhanced with turboQAM technology which enables the router to achieve this speed. It adds speeds with up to 300 Mbps.

When you go wireless, it means more threats than traditional wired technology. Due to this, you need superior protection against tapping and hacking which can compromise your information. To eliminate these threats, this router is equipped with AirProtection which is powered by Tread Micro. This kind of protection ensures filtration of malicious sites and viruses giving your devices and information ultimate protection. Further, this technology prevents exposing your personal data. As a result, you can surf without any doubt of security of your data.

At times, it becomes hard to configure your router leading to inconveniences. However, owning this ASUS AC190 wireless router, things are now different. It provides 3 easy web based installation steps through the ASUSWRT User Interface. Unlike other brands, with unfriendly interfaces, this one is simple and intuitive. Thereby, there are no technicalities or need to call technicians. Moreover, connectivity is superb as it can connect to other devices through super-fast USB 3.0 and 4 gigabit LAN ports for instant data transfer.

ASUS Dual-band Wireless-AC1900 Gigabit Router, Dual Bands, ASUSWRT Interface

With a high performing router, you can do more than just basic activities. Nowadays, it’s possible to get video calls, stream your TV program and other tasks which require high-speed internet. This router enables you to stream as well as fast downloading due to the equipped 1 GHz dual core processor. It facilitates faster data transfer rates; thereby, you can instantly download games, apps, and other useful stuff from internet hassle free.

Now, using ASUS AC190 wireless router keeps you a step ahead compared to other routers on the market. it comes backed by ASUS AiCloud cloud service. The service enables you to access your router whenever you are thereby facilitating sharing, synchronizing and streaming your data. The device is also compatible with other routers thereby it’s possible to create private cloud server.

In conclusion, ASUS AC190 wireless router is perfect device to install in your home. It boasts an extra speed due to TurboQAM Wi-Fi acceleration combined with 1 GHz to deliver incredible speed. Easy and quick set up further allows the device to be popular among many customers.

  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Improved speed
  • Ample data security
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • A bit expensive

7. NETGEAR AC1750 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router, Beamforming, USB Ports

NETGEAR AC1750 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router, Beamforming, USB Ports

Netgear is a known company for production of networking products for homes, businesses, and commercial purposes. Their products are competitive and reliable to deliver secure and extra fast internet. Utilizing cutting the edge technology they have been able to make home routers such as this Netgear AC1750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router. It’s a powerful device which gives great internet to your computers, smartphones, and tablets. The dual band and beamforming technology enables content streaming and online gaming without any stress or buffering.

One of the things you can be sure of when you are using this Netgear router is that you can’t go wrong when you have in your home. First, is the speed and reliability; the device is a perfect choice especially for people with large homes. It delivers a speed of 450+1300 Mbps through its dual-bands. This ensures that even when you connect multiple devices to this router, t. Further, apart from Wi-Fi capability, it delivers gigabit wired connection which is ideal for heavy duty internet use such as 4K video streaming and gaming.

The dual band technology utilized in this device allows for a smooth high-speed internet without disruption. This is because, when other devices are using one, new gadget will automatically use the next band. As a result, this router can support up to 12 devices without network fluctuation. Additionally, enhanced with advanced QoS, the technology facilitates smooth HD videos and online gaming.

Now, Netgear AC1750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router can do more than allowing you to connect to the internet. If you are a serious gamer, all you need is this device and stay entertained together with your friends. It allows playing of games on DLNA TVs as well as sharing of gaming consoles. Also, when you want to share information with USB-based storage devices, they are accessible wirelessly by connecting them to the router. Equipped with 2 USB ports; v 2.0 and 3.0. USB 3.0 allows you to experience 10 times speed than 2.0. It’s also possible to share printers through ReadySHARE Printer as well as PC through ReadySHARE Vault.

NETGEAR AC1750 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router, Beamforming

Now, data security is one of the vital considerations when buying a router. If you have a highly secured device, it’s difficult to fall a victim of hackers. Netgear AC1750 router boasts some of the highest protection on the market. It is secured with WPA/WPA2 meaning it delivers the highest level of encryption. Moreover, it is possible to monitor what kids are doing thereby restricting and filtering all unwanted sites. When you have guests in your home, it’s possible to create visitors network to prevent overcrowding one band hence maintaining high-speed Internets among all users.

As we summarize, we can confidently recommend this router to everyone who wants to get speed and secures internet connection. It’s an ideal device which is versatile and can be used with different gadgets like PC, Mac, iPhones, iPads and Androids. The price of this gadget moderate and has a better connection range.

  • Set up is easy and quick
  • Consistent network
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Extra powerful antennas
  • Poor company customer services

6. Linksys WRT AC1200 Dual-Band Wireless Router, Gigabit, eSATA

Linksys WRT AC1200 Dual-Band Wireless Router, Gigabit, eSATA

Linksys always ensures that you get premium products which will keep you enjoying high-quality services. This is another wireless router from the company which keeps your home fully covered by high-speed internet. No need to install Wi-Fi range extenders as it has powerful antennas to cover a larger area. Boasting 1.3 GHz dual core processor, there is no chance of slow connection or lags. With it, connectivity is smooth with a variety of devices through Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection which can go up to 4 devices.

Sometimes, fewer antennas in a router don’t mean it will deliver lower perform one with more numbers. This is the scenario with Linksys WRT1200AC as it only comes equipped with dual antennas. They are powerful and provide strong signal coverage in your whole house thereby allowing surfing at any corner without network fluctuation. One of the antennas provides 2.4 GHz band while the other one delivers 5 GHz band. With this combination of bands, it allows different devices to connect to the router without affecting signal distribution. To ensure there is ample coverage, both antennas are adjustable and enhanced with beamforming technology which ensures that there is signal focusing to an individual device.

Another quality that you will enjoy in this router is improved performance. These days due to advancing technology, it’s possible to get a consistent signal free from fluctuations. To enable this, Linksys WRT1200AC has a 1.3 GHz processor which is super performing in ensuring that high demand for high-speed bandwidth is achieved and maintained. Additionally, the processor gives this router ability to support multi-connections simultaneously. Besides Wi-Fi transmission, you can also enjoy wired connection which gives you freedom to stream and play online games.

When it comes to network distribution, this router is highly balanced between wired and wireless connectivity. In other routers, you find the device is only equipped with a single Ethernet port. But now with Linksys WRT1200AC, it assures you ideal wired connection due to 4-gigabit ports which are 10 times faster than standard Ethernet. Apart from wired connection ports, there are also s USB ports which facilitate wireless data transfer. One of the ports is 3.0 to allow extremely fast data transfer while the other one is 2.0 used by SATA storage devices. Therefore, information exchange is easy to access wirelessly.

Linksys WRT AC1200 Dual-Band Wireless Router, Gigabit, eSATA

Be sure of your connection always without any threat of unauthorized access to your data. The Linksys WRT1200ACis built to maximize security to keep your and all your digital life secure. It is enhanced with high-end WPA2 data encryption technology combined with SPI firewall to keep hackers away. More to that, you can let your kids enjoy healthy browsing by monitoring their activities. With the app, it is possible to block and filter unwanted devices as well as sites. Moreover, the router is developed from open source Linux leaving a great room for customization to fit your requirements.

In summary, just like other products from Linksys, this wireless router is not left behind regarding quality and technology. The router is manageable with your phone whether you are far or at home. Compared to other devices, this one is a bit cheap and powerful.

  • Extra fast data transfer, up to 3 Gbps
  • Adjustable antennas to suit large houses
  • WPA2 data encryption for maximum security
  • Easily customizable
  • It’s a bit large hence more space required

5. NETGEAR N750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router, 750mbps Wi-Fi Speed

NETGEAR N750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router, 750mbps Wi-Fi Speed

Netgear always guarantees quality products which will deliver to customers’ expectations. This Netgear N750 is a powerful router dedicated to improving internet speed and reliability for medium and large homes. Designed featuring dual bands, it means no network congestion, lags or buffering hence a good device for streaming and other activities requiring a high-speed connection. The unique design gives the router a sleek appearance while minimizing space requirement.

Among the available features in this router is dedicated speed and extended range. Now, with Netgear N750 is ideal for people with large and medium homes. Although it doesn’t have antennas like other routers, the strength is superb and won’t compromise signal strength. On the other hand, when you rely on this device to provide wireless connection to your home, it delivers dual bands. This translates to more speed where it can achieve 300+450 Mbps hence making it perfect for all internet based functions such as HD movies.

Another quality with this router is the ability to facilitate media sharing without needing a wired connection. One way to ensures there is data sharing is available USB ports which are enabled with Readyshare USB access. You can plug USB storage devices while accessing data from the router by use of your smartphone or a computer wirelessly. This is also ensures sharing is possible with other people connected to the network. Apart from USB storage device, this router allows sharing of other peripherals such as printers via wireless mode.

As you surf no need to worry about your security when online or about your kids accessing inappropriate sites. The router comes backed with Netgear Genie App which ensures you navigate your router with ease. Due to this fact, its possible control what kids are doing online by blocking access to the network. Additionally, when a device is joining your network, it’s possible to get notified hence take appropriate action such as block schedule or allows. Netgear N750 is compatible with IPv6 Compatible to keep your network from threats.

NETGEAR N750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router, 750mbps Wi-Fi Speed

Apart from offering wireless connectivity, this router is designed to be used with wired connection too. It boasts 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports ensuring that you can use it with your desktop computers. On the other hand, it’s compatible with 802.11 a/b/g/n, 802.11 a/b/g/n, and 5.8 GHz Radio Frequency. Set up is quick and fast since no complicated steps are involved.

As we summarize, Netgear N750 is a unique router design wise. It has a slim construction shape which allows it to be ideal for limited space. Wi-Fi range is great as well as the overall speed where it can achieve up 750 Mbps while security is superb.

  • 4 gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Great performance
  • Ideal for large and medium houses
  • Nice user interface
  • Have no USB 3.0 ports

4. NETGEAR N300 Wireless Wi-Fi Router, 5dbi Antennas

NETGEAR N300 Wireless Wi-Fi Router, 5dbi Antennas

It’s time to gears up your house network with this Netgear N300 Wi-Fi router. Manufactured by experts, the device is set to add speed and security in your internet access. For people who experience problems when downloading or streaming content, this router gives extra speed to get your content in seconds. It can achieve up to 300 Mbps thereby ideal for heavy duty applications. Further, security wise, Netgear N300 Wi-Fi router is secure and provides secures browsing. Above all, is easy setup and installation with a push of a button.

Now you might be asking yourself which is the ideal router to get to deliver a wider Wi-Fi coverage. Some devices provide a weak signal which can’t cover the whole room. But now you can have a peace of mind since all these troubles are gone. The device is equipped with strong 5 dBi antennas which ensure your whole house is Wi-Fi enabled. Further, the device provides incredible speed of up to 300 Mbps hence delivering downloads in seconds. Additionally, it’s possible to stream online content without buffering.

Another quality which comes accompanying this device is ability to be installed with ease. Unlike other routers which involve a lot of installation processes, this one is just as few minutes, and you are ready to browse. Amazingly, it can be set using various devices like computers, smartphones, tablets and iPad. On the other hand, when using the device, it’s possible to control and monitor your network thus able to blocks or remove any device. The push ’N’ connect button allows for new device connection, while it’s possible to turn Wi-Fi on and off to save power.

When enjoying fast wireless connection, it’s also possible to give your computers a rocket speed browsing through wired connection. The device allows for connection of up to 5 computers through 1 WAN and 4 LAN Ethernet ports. This is ideal for gamers as it delivers consistent speed ideal for online gaming as well as HD movies streaming. In addition, the router comes with 4 MB flash memory and 32 MB RAM for efficient and speed network delivery.

NETGEAR N300 Wireless Wi-Fi Router, 5dbi Antennas

To get maximum speed, the router is designed to give the user ability to create various networks. Thereby, it is possible to create a different network for guests hence allowing you to maintain your browsing speed. Further, the device comes boasting highest level of security due to the technology used to secure your network. The device has WPA/WPA2 encryption which guards your data against unauthorized access by intruders. The Netgear Genie app allows you to have full control of your device hence possible to have complete control of your network and any other task requiring use of this router.

In summary, Netgear N300 Wi-Fi router is a device for every home. Designed to offer high-speed internet and exceptional range cover, there is no more buffering. Also, the router gives you a peace of mind due to improved security to keep your devices and information safe. Installation is easy while compatibility with variety of devices is commendable and is cheap than majority or other routers.

  • Strong antennas for great Wi-Fi coverage
  • Easy to use user interface
  • It’s cheaper than majority rivals
  • Doesn’t overheat
  • Sometimes Wi-Fi connection fails

3. TP-Link Archer C7 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router, Powerful CPU

TP-Link Archer C7 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router, Powerful CPU

TP-link has in business for a quite a while and has been able to deliver exceptional products to customers worldwide. It is known for manufacturing of routers, hubs, switches and IP cameras. Now, if you a looking for a router, this company know need to have a fast router, and that is why they designed Archer C7 Gigabit router with dual bands. It’s a great device with a formidable speed of up to 1.75 Gbps and a powerful processor to ensure you don’t run out or speed. It’s a heavy duty device which delivers both Wi-Fi and wired connections.

Among many features which are housed by this router, speed is among the top. No need to buy a router for each room in your house or Wi-Fi range extenders. All you needs is to get this Archer C7 router, and all struggles are over. This device enjoys powerful antennas which are repositionable to give best Wi-Fi cover in the whole house. As a result, there is no need to set a particular place where you will be surfing. It’s just installing the router and move everywhere in the house as you enjoy incredible speed.

Sharing media is now quick, easy and wireless when you have this router. It is enhanced with wireless sharing capability allowing you to send or receive media from other family members without the need for wires. Top facilitate this, the router houses dual USB ports. Therefore, you can connect storage devices and access data wirelessly. All it’s possible to connect other devices such as printers and other devices through networking or wirelessly via FTP server. This feature is ideal for offices as you can access any data as long you are sharing the network.

If you are looking for a device which eliminates buffering, Archer C7 is the device to get. It boasts dual bandwidth hence reducing network congestion. One of the bands is 2.4 GHz delivering a speed of 450 Mbps and 5 GHz which offers 1300 Mbps. This gives a combination of 1. 75 Gbps hence no need to wait for the device to buffer when surfing. Also, you can connect many devices to this router without affecting speed through Wi-Fi or wired connection. As a result, it’s possible to enjoy your favorite TV program online, game or download latest apps instantly.

TP-Link Archer C7 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router, Powerful CPU

The heart of every device is the central processing unit (CPU). If you have a weak device, chances are you won’t be able to enjoy great speeds hence limiting your activities. TP-Link knows this, and that is why they have installed a large processor in this router to make sure no congestion. It has a formidable processing ability to keep the demanded speed by all connected devices without getting compromised. This keeps your network both Wi-Fi and wired robust and constant. Therefore, if you are gaming fanatic, you can now enjoy the blazing speed and play the latest game or latest 4K movies.

Forget your old router which takes you a century to set up. TP-Link Archer C7 is designed with a one-touch setup, and you are ready to browse at highest speed. It comes backed by a mobile app with intuitive user interface thereby easy maneuver. The app is compatible with Android and iOS thereby there is no technician required. Besides setting up, this tethering app is designed to help you have control of your router. Therefore, it’s possible to add, remove or blacklist devices from your network.

As we conclude, we can recommend this device for home and also office use. It is backed by a 2-year warranty and is voted best among various sites. With incredible speed and powerful Wi-Fi range, it eliminates for range extenders. This device is relatively cheap than rivals.

  • Great speed and range
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Ideal for gaming and HD videos streaming
  • Sleek hardware construction
  • Lacks sophisticated firewall rules

2. Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router, Range Extender, Access Point

Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router, Range Extender, Access Point

Securifi is a company which was formed in 2012 and has been producing touchscreen Wi-Fi routers. Unlike other companies, this integrates a variety of functionality in the same device hence increasing versatility. Securifi Almond touchscreen Wi-Fi router is a highly designed device which is revolutionizing your network connectivity in your home. It is enhanced with Wi-Fi, range extender access point, and a wireless bridge to increase your functionality. Above all, no PC, smartphone or Mac is required to set up. It comes with an LCD screen which allows easy installation.

One of the features which come accompanying thins device is the ability to set up without using tablets, PC or Mac. Further, there is no loading Cd as it comes enhanced a touchscreen. The device is preloaded with installation wizard hence setup takes less than 5 minutes. It’s also possible to troubleshoot the device as well as any other functions. On the other hand, besides being useful for setting up, the LCD monitor provides other functions like time and weather display.

Although Securifi Almond doesn’t to be set using other devices, it’s a fantastic router since it gives your ability to access your network with your smartphone. It doesn’t matter whether you are at home or away, the device ensures that you are in control. This important since it gives your ability to monitor your kid internet usage or block other devices from accessing your Wi-Fi network. It also notifies you when a new device connects to your network wherever you are.

Another feature with Securifi Almond is the ability to be multi-purposes. Many routers on the market are only designed to provide wireless and wired internet connection. You can now enjoy a range of functioning with this device since its multi-purpose. It can be used as a Wi-Fi router with the capability to deliver 300 Mbps hence ideal for streaming and gaming. On the other hand, Securifi Almond is capable of being used as a ranges extender from people who want to boost signal strength. It is compatible with other Wi-Fi routers on the market such as Cisco, Netgear, TP-Link among others. Other functions include being used as access point and wireless bridge.

Securifi Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router, Range Extender, Access Point

Besides allowing connection to the internet through Wi-Fi, this device comes boating 2 LAN ports. Therefore, when you want to watch online TV or movies and games, you can achieve it due non-fluctuating signal. On the other hand, the Securifi takes your security serious. That is why this router is enhanced with random uniquely named chip (SSID) factory-set passwords to prevent data infiltration by hackers. Additionally, these chips possess nomap tags which prevent router recording by crooks.

Now, the device is compatible with Amazon Alexa which means you can operate this device through voices commands. As a result, it’s possible to create various networks such as guest and parental controls and operates them even when you are away.

As we summarize, this is an ideal device worth considering when shopping for a router. It brings versatility and convenience unlike other routers on the market. You will enjoy intuitive user interface, easy set-up, and LCD touchscreen. Despite all these features the device is highly affordable.

  • Multipurpose use
  • Large LCD touchscreen
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Compact design
  • Slower compared with rivals (300 Mbps)

1. TP-Link N450 Wireless Wi-Fi Router, 450 Mbps, Parental Control

TP-Link N450 Wireless Wi-Fi Router, 450 Mbps, Parental Control

If you are planning to upgrade your home internet connection, a great wireless router is all you want and have speed at your fingertips. TP-Link has been with you for a while and delivers outstanding products networking products. One of the top performing routers you can get is TP-Link N450 which allows you to enjoy the extreme speed of up to 450 Mbps. This with device, it possible to perform variety of heavy duty tasks within minutes and also eliminates buffering when streaming online content.

Enjoy the highest speed today by getting this TP-Link N450 Wireless Router. It is a reliable router which provides high-speed internet to enable more than browsing. The device allows smooth content streaming without buffering or lags enhanced by 3 x 3 MIMO. The wireless N (802.11n) is responsible for allowing device to achieve 15 times speed than standard wireless G. the device utilizes 2.4 GHz which can clock a speed of 450 Mbps. Additionally, the router doesn’t experience signal fluctuation and lets you enjoy full house coverage. Top facilitate this, it features triple 5 dBi antennas.

Another feature which makes this router an ideal choice is the ability to control your networks. This is an important quality especially when you have small kids and want to monitor what they are doing. Also, it’s ideal for office when you want to monitor internet usage by your employees. So as to be able to achieve this, this router comes with IP based bandwidth. This allows knowing how much bandwidth is allocated to each device hence eliminating chances of overcrowding leading to reduced speed. On the other hand, when using the Wi-Fi from this router, threats are eliminated as it achieves encryption with just a push of a button.

Now, some of the existing routers are very hard to configure requiring you to brings in a technician. These aren’t ideal as it becomes troublesome when there is any arising issue. But to eliminate all agonies, TP-Link N450 is designed to provide a straightforward and quick installing and set up. As a result, the device is compatible with most devices running on Microsoft Windows from 98 to current version, Mac, LINUX, UNIX, and NetWare. Therefore, set up is just a few minutes and you are ready to enjoy HD movies, VoIP, Gaming and other online contents.

TP-Link N450 Wireless Wi-Fi Router, 450 Mbps, Parental Control

Above all, when this device is not in use, no need to keep it on as it will just increase your power bill. It is equipped with a power button hence switching off is simple. On the other hand, this router designed featuring clear channels assessment (CCA) technology. With this feature, it prevents channel conflicting hence more efficient wireless network.

As we conclude, TP-Link N450 is a heavy duty router for home and small scale businesses. With ability to deliver super-fast speed, there are no chances of lags or buffering. This ensures reliability while sturdy antennas provide a strong signal. Regarding price, the device is cheap to afford.

  • IP bandwidth thus easy to control
  • Push button encryption button
  • Durable triple antennas
  • Extra high-speed internet (450Mbps)
  • Ethernet ports aren’t gigabit


Getting a robust and reliable router is the beginning of experiencing high-speed internet. Unlike wired internet, wireless internet ensures that you are fully connected regardless of your position in the house. Also, some are powerful enabling to access connection even when you are relaxing in your yard. Having one of the reviewed routers above lets you do more while enjoying ultimate speed and versatility.

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