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Top 10 Best Men’s Walking Shoes Reviewed in 2018

Men's Walking Shoes

Man can make do without a lot of things in this life. But a good walking shoe is not one of them. In fact, it is an essential piece for all the men who are always up and about. If evenings get company by aching feet and joints, it’s time you replace that regular pair with one designed for walking. You’ll want to look into different designs before you make a decision. But there are so many of them you’ll be at a loss figuring it out.

We have done that homework and discovered the best models on the market. Take your time to learn the properties of each for the next time you are having a busy walking day.

Product NameWeight
Sketchers Performance 3 Complete Lace-Up2.2 pounds
Asics Men’s Walker Gel-Tech Neo 41.6 ounces
Reebok Work N Cushion Men’s 2.01.5 ounces
Propet Stability Walker4 pounds
Brook’s Men Addiction Walking Shoes3 pounds
New Balance MW411V2 Men’s3 pounds
Rockport M7100 Men’s Pro Walker2 pounds
Rockport World Tour2 ounces
New Balance Leather Hook-and-Loop1.6 ounces
Skechers Performance Slip-On1.9 pounds

What Factors Should You Consider When Purchasing a Walking Shoe for Men?

Cushioning: Perhaps the most important factor is the padding. It contributes to comfort, stability, and absorption of impact. The midsole makes for the cushioning so look for those designs that have a form of padding live EVA or polyurethane (PU)

Outsole Traction: Where will you be using your shoe? Consider whether the place is rugged or blanketed with wet grass and leaves. Whichever location you’ll be using it, deep traction is considered the best.

Breathability: Examine the top construction. A good walking shoe provides you with temperature control. Mesh and lightweight synthetic fibers guarantee the highest air flow while perforated leather follows suite.

Ankle and Heel Support: As much as the midsole has a form of cushioning, extending it to the heel and ankle is also important. It prevents dangerous displacement of the foot during impact.

10. Men’s Go Walk Sketchers Performance 3 Complete Lace-Up Walking Shoe

Men’s Go Walk Sketchers Performance 3 Complete Lace-Up Walking Shoe

If most of your waking hours are on your feet, it’s only right that you spend it in the right footwear. The Sketcher Performance 3 Men’s Walking Shoe is the perfect pair for you. We find it is extremely comfortable from the lace-up design which keeps your foot locked to the shoe. This way, it stabilizes the foot to prevent it from slipping through the side. Consequently, it protects your ankle in brisk walking.

It features resalyte foam construction on the midsole. This cushioning helps with pampering the feet when treading beaten streets and paths. You can walk for long hours without the earth’s pressure getting to your tendons. It minimizes the impact that comes with knocking on rocks and cutting through gravel.

Complemented by rubber soles with reliable traction, this shoe maintains a firm grasp to the ground. You can tread fast through soft floors without skidding. The density of the outsole is enough to afford the durability it deserves. You should expect to wear this shoe for many months before it starts thinning out. With leather and mesh upper, it is also breathable to keep your feet in proper walking condition. You don’t want to catch a fungal infection owing to sweaty feet.

Men’s Go Walk Sketchers Performance 3 Complete Lace-Up Walking Shoe

The overall stitching sees that it has a soft inner lining. It offers a comfy fitting since it does not always need a break in period. When you acquire the right size, it becomes a must have for lots of activities including hiking and spending some time in the jungle.

  • Comes in different sizes and colors
  • Lightweight for extended walks
  • Deep traction provides stability through various terrains
  • Cushioned midsole
  • Concerns about the longevity in extremely rough terrain

9. Asics Men’s Walker Gel-Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe

Asics Men’s Walker Gel-Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe

Regular shoes are bound to cause blisters if you use them for everyday walking. That’s why investing in a good daily pair is an excellent idea. With the Asics Men’s Walker, it proves you don’t need fancy footwear to achieve the benefits of a comfortable walking shoe. The Asics is expertly designed to meet the needs of the man that loves exploring the outdoors on their feet.

First, you’ll like the Gel technology cushioning system. It’s seen in the manner in which you can take impact without it having a toll on your feet. This tech allows flexible movement between the forefoot and rear foot to see even shifting in the face of impact. The toes do not displace in an awkward manner which could cause injury. Instead, it carries a soft front conveniently placed under the foot’s ball.

It integrates Biomorphic fit on the upper. This is a system of using stretchy materials to reduce friction with the shoe when it’s in direct contact with your skin. It minimizes the occurrence of irritation if you have sensitive skin. It benefits from an ortholite sockliner that conforms to the footing. It also gives breathability and a high level of antimicrobial functions. From the moment you step into the Asics, it protects you from sweat buildup and infections.

Asics Men’s Walker Gel-Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe

The insole is detachable so that you can clean for reusing as good as new. Following the mesh exterior, it gives that extra air flow to maintain fresh feet. You’ll love the foam tongue and the lace up system. Since the laces go through it, it does not get sucked up to the interior for a smooth ride.

  • Rubber outsole
  • Breathable fabric makes the top
  • Achieves maximum cushioning
  • It has a reflective finish
  • Limited color selection

 8. Reebok Work N Cushion Men’s 2.0 Walking Shoe

 Reebok Men's Work N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe

Whether you take walks as an exercise routine or you have a hobby, you’ll want the best support from the shoe you adorn. Reebok is a recognized brand, so we expect that their Work N Cushion live up to the standards we have set. Looking at the exterior design, it establishes firm stability thanks to the leather making. This spec means you can subject it through different terrain and still have it give maximum balance.

As a low cut shoe, it ensures you have the full range of motion for your ankle. If you are using it for backpacking or the regular evening walk, it affords you speed for reaching your destination or achieving your goals in time. Better still, the zigzag and honeycomb outsole traction keeps you moving. This adhesion is known to resist slipping on oil or freshly cleaned surfaces.

You’ll not want to leave the outdoors as it can also take you through cold temperatures. With the thick upper and the smooth inner sole, the shoe provides a high level of warmth when the temperatures start plummeting. This is, however, a concern under hot temperatures regarding the breathability of the shoes.

 Reebok Men's Work N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe

The heel has a beveled designed to establish a long stride useful for fast walking. They allow maximum movement by the foot so that you can maintain control in case you knock on something hard. Another important spec is the locking system by tight shoelaces. They ensure a secure a tight lock so that they don’t unwind when walking. They provide extra ankle support by pulling the foot in towards the front.

  • Anti-slip outsole with deep traction
  • Flexible interior
  • Comfortable for long hours walking
  • It’s light for brisk walking
  • It does not fit properly on wide feet

7. Propet Stability Walker

Propet Stability Walker

Caring for your feet is an absolute must if you are going to be up and running all day. With a quality shoe, you can beat the hassle and retain the comfort at the end of the day. The Propet Stability Walker continues to gain momentum among daily wearers because of the support, stability and the cushioning.

The midsole form the major attraction of this shoe, seeing that it is of EVA foam. This padding is molded to accommodate your feet. Every time you wear this shoe, you’ll notice it fits according to the footing you engage. Also, it comes with a heel stabilizer intended to keep your foot edged to the shoe to attenuate impact.

In the Propet, you have all reason to smile. It has genuine, perforated leather upper, so as much as it is firm to the foot, it allows maximum air inflow. This indicates you can use them in hot weather as your feet will remain fresh. Besides, the interior carries as silk liner to keep out moisture. It saves you from painful blisters and best of all maintains the freshness of the feet.

Propet Stability Walker

Of the best features; the outsole makes a great discussion. One, it is of solid rubber. It will take you through terrain without giving in to the pressure. After observing the traction, it’s apparent you’ll not look elsewhere. It bears the familiar multi-direction traction pattern. Thus, it’s able to grasp most surfaces including snow walkways and muddy paths. The value is incredible, given the attractive price.

  • Wide forefoot fits large feet
  • Removable insole
  • Ankle collar and tongue are also padded
  • Carries molded EVA cushioning
  • Concerns about the quality of the insole

6. Brook’s Men Addiction Walking Shoes Walker

Brook’s Men Addiction Walking Shoes Walker

If you like hiking, walking for leisure or are on the move a lot as part of your job, then the Brook’s Men’s Addiction Walker is what you are looking at. The quality is unbeatable thanks to the cool crafting done on it. You can clearly tell someone took their time to bring the design to life. It comes fit to the size so you can have it from the moment you receive in the box.

You’ll not want to end up with aching muscles after spending some time in the woods. That’s why this shoe benefits from an exclusive MoGo midsole. It guarantees more rebound more cushioning and less fatigue. In fact, Brook’s claim of covering 300 miles is authenticated with the shoe.

It also establishes decent traction, thanks to the high-performance rubber outsole. You’ll notice that with every stride, it has a bouncy feeling to balance off the pressure from all areas of the shoe. This means it is flexible and better placed for controlled pronation. It absorbs the shock, thus preventing the susceptibility to the ankle rolling.

Brook’s Men Addiction Walking Shoes Walker

This kick is an all-season accessory. As much as the leather is perforated, the padding can retain heat when you have on thick socks. And because you are going to be spending some time walking, your feet are definitely going to be hot at one time. They are also suitable for running or high impact workouts.

  • Accommodates different sizes
  • Outsole is slip resistant
  • Provides sturdy support over many miles
  • Cushioned ankle collar
  • Limited to three color choices

5. New Balance MW411V2 Men’s Walking Shoe

New Balance MW411V2 Men’s Walking Shoe

If you can’t find the best walking shoes for your feet, you better invest in this pair. It’s without a doubt that New Balance Men’s Walking Shoe passes many evaluation tests from the midsole, interior compartments, and the outsole. It fits different types of users; whether your feet appear flat or you are overweight. The midsole takes all that stress away.

Many miles may give your feet a beating. Even worse your knees may develop regular muscle straining. To avoid such complications, this pair adds bounce cushioning to the midsole. It ensures you stay afloat, giving you the envied springy feel. It fits-to-size and takes the dimensions of your feet for maximum support. It provides excellent balance to get you walking for hours without aches.

Adding to the interior cushioning is the compressed AIMEVA foam padding. It combines with a soft fabric lining to give the desired in shoe filling. This comfort extends to the plush tongue and collar for complete ankle and forefoot support. It’s reliable in affording repose in harsh environments. You’ll be glad you have them on after a rugged mountain hike.

New Balance MW411V2 Men’s Walking Shoe

This model rewards your feet with a secure footing due to the rubber outsoles. It follows broad traction for proper footing. It is useful for both indoor activities and handling uneven grounds. You’ll like that the synthetic upper is also perforated to provide breathability when you get sweaty. The interior carries a silk lining which successfully wicks away sweat to keep your feet dry.

  • Insole is removable for washing
  • Upper allows fresh air to run through your feet
  • Allows choice of six different colors
  • Has a little heel-to-shoe differential drop
  • Some users indicate their size runs large

4. Rockport M7100 Men’s Pro Walker Walking Shoe

Rockport M7100 Men’s Pro Walker Walking Shoe

The Rockport Men’s Pro Walker is a favorite brand among walking shoe lovers. The model is light for rapid strides. It follows a low-cut design to allow flexible motion around the ankle. This means you’ll not encounter a drag if you want to complete your daily walk. The different colors qualify it as an attractive shoe which fits the modern fashion world.

It explores some elements of the running shoe, owing to the full interior support. The foot fitting calls for stability in better control of fast motion. Even as a low cut shoe, one can easily see the ankle’s motion is controlled to prevent excessive pronation. It features a patented platform design with a broad base for absolute stability and support.

One of the perks of this model is the grain leather upper. It is entirely genuine as you’ll notice by the rugged elements. It folds and curves in a stiff manner during the first few wears. After several wears, you’ll like that old leather looks good. With it, you can enjoy years of good service for just one brand. The leather upper affords easy care and maintenance for several months if not years.

Rockport M7100 Men’s Pro Walker Walking Shoe

The Rockport is responsive to the foot movement to give a more comfortable ride. It is ideal for stress filled climbs and beating slope areas. Walking on slippery ice is also a breeze since it establishes a proper grip with each step. You will love the overall built of this model since it is not only strong but also affordable.

  • Lace up closure system
  • Proper cushioning prevents blisters and injury
  • EVA insole delays fatigue
  • Lightweight
  • It runs small on large feet

3. Rockport World Tour Men’s Classic Walking Shoe

Rockport World Tour Men’s Classic Walking Shoe

This Rockport shoe is another brilliant design. It carries quality components to guarantee a safe footing. Among some of the notable features is the EVA midsole cushioning. It is responsible for providing a soft bed for the mid upper foot. This way, it reduces the effect of impact while delaying fatigue. Let’s just say; it adds the stamina you need when standing for long hours.

If you are keen on the longevity of the shoe, you’ll want to look at the stitching and lining done on the Rockport Tour. It follows a seamless fitting with the insole and the outsole. The foot acquires a secure in-shoe filling. This design adds comfort while providing durability properties. It never exhibits stress when subjected to rough terrain.

Another important feature is the ankle support. Since you may find yourself venturing into areas where rocks are a common feature, you’ll want a thick outsole for minimizing ankle rolling. By establishing a stable footing; you can subject your feet to strenuous activities. It prevents twisting and dangerous turns such that even if you were to make long jumps, the landing will be safe.

Rockport World Tour Men’s Classic Walking Shoe

With a padded tongue and collar, it reduces the friction between the skin and the shoe. This, in turn, assists in preventing calluses, blisters, and corns. The upper is, however, stiff, due to the leather construction. Nevertheless, it works to provide you with a custom fit in the long run.

  • Easy to clean leather upper
  • Rubber outsole provides excellent traction
  • Can be worn as casual wear
  • It’s ideal for wide feet
  • It’s a bit pricey

2. New Balance Leather Hook-and-Loop Men’s Walking Shoe

New Balance Leather Hook-and-Loop Men’s Walking Shoe

Do you want to get good miles out of your walking shoe? Then consider the New Balance Hook-and-Loop pair. It is designed deliberately for the active lifestyle person to provide envied comfort. If you have the tendencies to end your evenings with a warm feet soak, look at the New Balance for a better time tomorrow.

It does not sacrifice style over comfort seeing that it is available in classic everyday colors. As such you can spend some time in the training world as well as enjoy the sunset walking down the trail in them. It borrows from athletic features to complete the responsiveness needed in such a shoe. It is admirable as a sneaker which falls in the category of lightweight balance shoes.

Here, you are looking at a shoe that gives you the joy of being made in the US. With this mind, you are assured of the quality it maintains. The midsole construction explores polyurethane cushioning. It is a unique style which aims at providing strength and resilience for the foot. It takes off the pressure of constant walking. Even better it is durable in nature since it bounces back so that it can age evenly.

New Balance Leather Hook-and-Loop Men’s Walking Shoe

The top stitching and leather perforations make this shoe airy. It’s not the best in this department, but it’s definitely worth considering for the not so hot days. This drawback makes it more viable for the cold weather. With a loop closure system, it makes it easy to wear and customize the fit.

  • Does not breaking in
  • ABZORB heel cushioning
  • Durable midsole
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Some straps come off as small

1. Skechers Performance Slip-On Men’s Walk 3 Walking Shoe

 Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

For the man on the move, you’ll need ease and simplicity. Productivity is achieved when the mind and body are comfortable. But if your shoe keeps pinching your toes, you can’t go all out. With the Skechers Performance Walking shoe, it guarantees all-around toe and heel comfort. It is the easiest to put on since you don’t have to fumble with laces and straps for closure.

You’ll receive the best shielding from impact in this low sneaker, thanks to the rebound cushioning. It has a construction from distinct resalyte material that gives a responsive feedback in your movements. It also includes Goga Plus footbed technology for advanced flexibility. This gives you a fast, smooth ride. It reduces possibilities of an injury so that spending time in random environments is not cut short.

The midsole benefits from form fit injected mold. It is a padding that recalls the foot’s frame such that it achieves an in-shoe filling. It is deemed to afford you service over many years as it doesn’t give in to pressure. With the lightweight mesh fabric upper, it becomes incredibly airy for the warm weather.

 Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

The most unique feature is the multi-direction traction on the outsole. It affords profound grasp of the floor and other surfaces. You are not limited to the areas you can visit since it is also non-marking. Making quick movements is achieved with the full support it affords. If you are looking for a stable, light shoe then you have this design for the asking.

  • Mesh upper and synthetic lining keeps it breathable
  • Lightweight for long walking hours
  • Eases effect from direct impact
  • Can be customized
  • General concerns regarding the time it takes for them to bounce back in new condition.


The very best fit for you may not be what your friend is wearing. That’s why with this list, you can acquire your exact fit. Look at your level of comfort, fitting and support. A good shoe should provide you the best quality in one design. This is the area where we say making many compromises is not only disservice to you, but also precarious.

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