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Top 10 Best Standing Desks Reviewed in 2018

Best Standing Desks

Also known as stand-up desks, standing desks make it easy for you to stand comfortably as you work. But why do you need to work while standing? Hundreds of studies prove that standing has significant benefits on your health.

First up, standing has been associated with reduced risks of weight gain and obesity. It’s a well-known fact that weight gain is caused by taking in more calories than you’re burning. Studies show that standing for long helps your body burn 170 extra calories each day. Other benefits of standing include reduced back and neck pain and improved heart health. Standing also helps in boosting your mood and keeping your brains sharp which, in return, improves performance.

Product NameAdjustable Height Range
Upwrite Updesk24.5"-50.5"
High Supply Converter Standup Workstation6.5"-16.75"
Fancierstudio Riser Desk RD-01 BLK5"-17.7"
VARIDESK Adjustable Standing Desk4.5"-17.5"
Halter ED-600 Sit/Stand Desk17" Max
Stand Up Desk with a Free Monitor Mount28.5"-42.75"
House of Trade Hot 10116.5"-16.5"
Rocelco ADR Sit/Stand Desk Computer Riser14" Max
X-Elite Pro Standing Desk7"-16"
Seville Classics Sit-Stand Desk27.5"-40"

Factors to Consider When Buying a Stand Desk

If you’re hunting for the best standing desks for your workstation, our round-up of 10 of the best stand-up desks is a good place to start with. In case you’re new to these health elevators, consider going through our standing desks buying guide for some rule of thumbs when purchasing a stand-up desk. Otherwise, you can shoot to the real deal and make your comparisons.

Permanent Desk or a Standing Desk Converter: The first decision that you’ll make is whether you need a permanent adjustable standing desk or a desk converter. A permanent standing desk may be an ideal option if you don’t have a workstation desk already or if you want to replace your former sit-only desk. Standing desk converters are small portable tables that you put on top of your existing desk.

Mode of Height Adjustment: Experts advise switching from standing to sitting in between your day at work. If you’re comfortable adding a table on top of your desk and lifting your monitors to the new heights, then a converter fits you. Otherwise, you’ll need a desk that lifts up all your stuff up and down simply by pressing a button or pulling a lever. The advantage here is that it makes it easy and timeless to alternate between the 2 working positions.

Different sit-stand desks employ different mechanisms to change their heights. Some units are manually adjusted usually with a hand crank. While this adds some form of exercise at work, people tend to get bored easily especially if they have to switch between standing and sitting several times within an hour or so.  A good idea, therefore, would be to go for hydraulic or electricity-adjusted desks. Besides being less demanding, these options are also quiet. However, they can be pricey.

Ease of Use: Whichever the mode of height adjustment that your budget allows you to go for, consider a standing desk that doesn’t make your life harder than it is.

Convenient Height: This is a dead giveaway. You need to go for a unit that offers you comfortable heights to work on when standing or sitting. For this, you’ll have to consider the desk’s maximum and minimum height before placing the order. A good standing desk should have several stages between the lowest and the highest levels. If you are to use a computer, the desk should allow you to type on the keyboard with the elbows slightly at your side. The monitor should also be at a comfortable eye level.

Weight Capacity: This may not be an issue if all you have on your desktop is a pen a paper. However, if you have a monitor and several other heavy stuffs on your tables, you might want to consider the maximum weight that the standing desk can hold and lift up and down. This also applies if you like leaning on your desks.

10. Upwrite Updesk

Upwrite Updesk

Upwrite is a stand-up desk that has been designed for a busy artist/worker who wants a good balance between standing healthy and convenience at work. It’s a product of Updesk- a Tennessee-based company- known for its high-quality sit/stand solutions.  The most striking feature about this desk is its whiteboard surface onto which you can write using both wet and dry erase markers.

This makes it a go-to option especially for workers whose work involves lots of writing. The thing is, you won’t have to hunt for a pen and a paper every time you want to scribble down a number or any other important information or idea.

It also has a large working surface enough for up to 2 monitors and a keyboard. But what puts this desk ahead of its competitors is its thoughtful curved table. This design tends to tuck you closer to your work area while putting the keyboard and mouse closer to you. Updesk also offers 3 adjustable heights within a range of 24 to 50 inches.

Upwrite Updesk

Worth pointing out, it uses a twin-lift mechanism with an electric motor for each leg. The motors lift up to 300lbs at a speed of 1.5’’ per second. Switching between the 3 stages is done using an up/down digital control unit positioned just below the table.

  • Has a writing surface too
  • Quick height adjustments
  • Curved table design
  • Excellent customer service
  • Difficult cable management

9. High Supply Converter Standup Workstation

High Supply Converter Standup Workstation

our next pick is a highly affordable computer workstation from High Supply. High Supply is an online retailer based in Huntsville, USA. This model is their latest release, and it’s creating a good buzz due to its unique design and price. This standup desk is almost 5 times cheaper than Updesk above but equally efficient.

High Supply is a standing desk converter that adds up to 16.75’’ of height to your existing workspace either at home or office. This height makes it a reliable option for users with heights of up to 6’5’’. Again, you may also consider it if you want a desk that you can move from one table to another since it’s compact and somehow light.

Adjustment in height is done manually using 2 sturdy handles positioned on both sides of the table. This process is smooth and offers several height options in between the sitting and the standing positions. This makes it perfect for users with different heights.

High Supply Converter Standup Workstation

The working surface itself consists of a 36’’ wide table big enough to accommodate 2 monitors and still leave some space for small speakers and other stuff. It also has a separate keyboard area with a thoughtful design that complements the entire standing desk’s look.

  • Sturdily constructed
  • It’s attractive
  • Fits users with different heights
  • Comes preassembled
  • Keyboard area is a bit small for big keyboards

8. Fancierstudio Riser Desk RD-01 BLK

Fancierstudio Riser Desk RD-01 BLK

For those who are not ready to let out a chunk of over 500 dollars from their accounts, Fancierstudio presents to you the RD-01 BLK. This is amongst the best standing desks under 200 bucks. Fancierstudio is also an American-based company situated in Hayward, California. This manufacturer is a direct importer who extends amazingly low prices to its customers. And this standing desk converter is no exception.

One thing that most reviewers appreciate about this sit/stand riser desk is that it comes fully assembled. This is a great relief to those who don’t fancy joining parts. All you do is unpack it from the box and place it on your desk and start working healthily. It does not require to be bolted, and its base is strong enough to prevent wobbling.

RD-01 BLK is also amongst the most spacious standing desks you’ll come across at this price. The top platform is 38’’ wide. This is enough space to accommodate a huge monitor or 2 small sized screens without looking crowded. Even better, like High Supply above, it has a separate keyboard top.

Fancierstudio Riser Desk RD-01 BLK

The keyboard rack has been positioned slightly below the main worktable to ensure your arms are comfortable while typing. Even better, its concave design brings you closer to the keyboard and your screens.

  • Ships fully assembled
  • Has quality construction
  • It’s sturdy and stable
  • Has 8 height levels
  • It’s a bit heavy

7. VARIDESK Cube Plus 48- Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

VARIDESK Cube Plus 48- Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

Established 4 years ago, Jason Mccann’s Varidesk Company is presently the name to beat when it comes to standing desks. This company’s standup desks have become the industry-standard and are mostly used by American Airlines, United Nations Secretariat, and Texas Christian University among its other high-profile customers.

What attracted us to Cube Plus 48 is its professional look that makes it the best sit-stand desk for offices with superior architectural designs. Varidesk also seems to have put a lot of considerations in ensuring that this desk is of great help to you.  Mind you, this is a standing desk converter that you place on top of your existing desk. It only adds a height of 4.5’’ when fully collapsed and 17.5’’ and 14’’ for the screen keyboard racks respectively when fully extended.

The sweet spot is that Cube Plus 48 has been professionally designed to fit standard office cubicles of 48’’ wide and 24’’ deep. Its working tops are also wide and quite spacious for all your working needs. For the record, the top deck measures 48″(W) by 23.75″(D). It also has a wide keyboard deck measuring 39.5″(W) by 14.25″(D). The keyboard area itself is spacious enough for a laptop or large keyboards. An interesting feature that we didn’t find with the previous standing desks is that this desk’s keyboard deck’s height can be adjusted to suit your ergonomics needs.

VARIDESK Cube Plus 48- Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

This standing desk uses a dual-handle manual mechanism to switch between 9 height positions. Uniquely, it boasts a patented spring-loaded boost lifting mechanism that ensures that you don’t feel the weight of your working gear.

  • Ships fully assembled
  • It’s stylish
  • Spring-loaded lifting mechanism
  • Switches between 9 positions in seconds
  • It’s heavy to move around

6. Halter ED-600 Sit/Stand Desk

Halter ED-600 Sit/Stand Desk

Halter ED-600 standing desk is another add-on option worth checking out. It’s a spacious 2-tier workstation that you won’t have to remove from your existing desk from time to time. ED-600 has a desktop measuring 35.6’’ (L) by 20.4’’ (W). It also has a keyboard deck measuring 35.6’’ (L) by 16.9’’ (W). This unit is large enough for up to 2 large monitors and other office accessories. Amazingly, it has also been designed to fit on most office tables and cubicles.

The fact that you can use this standup desk while standing or sitting makes it unnecessary to keep removing it from your desk. Even if you had to, ED-600 is way lighter than most of the desks that we’ve seen before at 44.1 lbs. Varidesk and RD-01 BLK weigh over 60 pounds.

Halter ED-600 Sit/Stand Desk

The cherry finish on the working tables and attractive finish on the metallic frame give the ED600 a striking and attractive aesthetic design. Its superior design is then accentuated by its smooth height adjustments made possible by Halter’s patent-pending gas spring technology. With this technology, all you do is squeeze the levers simultaneously and gently pull up or down. The desk will lock securely at your desired height.

  • Usable out of the box
  • Smooth gas spring height adjustment technology
  • 1 year warranty
  • It’s spacious
  • A bit hard to lift 2 large monitors on it

5. Stand Up Desk- with a Free Monitor Mount

Stand Up Desk- with a Free Monitor Mount

For those looking forward to replacing their traditional working desk with a health-oriented unit, Stand Up Desk by Stand Up Desk Store could be all you need. Stand Up Desk Store is a renowned brand with a full range of products pointing towards giving you a healthy work environment both at home and at your workplace. It has lots of outstanding presentation stations, workstations, stand up desks, and other office accessories.

Their Stand Up costs way below the 200-dollar price mark making it a cheap standing desk for those who want to stand on a budget. Let not the low price put you off though. This desk also earns several points on simplicity and convenience. Its 47.25″W x 28.5″ D table offers you plenty of working surface. This table also has an attractive silver grey powder finish that not only makes it attractive but also makes it durable.

Stand Up Desk- with a Free Monitor Mount

A unique feature here is that you get a free desktop mount that supports up to 24’’ monitors. A good thing with this mount is that it’s 3600 rotatable and tilt-able. But what Stand Up’s past users are praising it for is its ease of movement. This Stand-Up desk has 4-wheels that make it easy to move it from one room to the other. It also offers inch by inch height increments at between 28.75 and 42.75 inches.

  • Has a free desktop mount
  • The mount swivels 3600 and also tilts
  • It’s movable
  • Has plenty of workspace
  • Tricky to put up

4. House of Trade Hot 1011 Standing Desk

House of Trade Hot 1011 Standing Desk

House of Trade is a Californian company started in 2001. It has expanded from a 1-product firm to a huge company dealing with over 10, 000 products from the USA, China, and Italy. It’s known for some of the best and affordable adults’ and kids standing desks and other accessories.

Hot 1011 is House of Trade’s budget-class alternative to the DT2 4-in-1 standing desk. The Hot 1011 features the same design only that it’s way affordable. Despite its low price, Hot 1011 is a sturdy piece that packs a punch with its heavy-duty construction, versatility, and ease of use.  This DeskRiser comes in 2 color options; black and white. You may also get a black desk riser and mat combo at a great price if you’re in need of the 2.

Hot 1011 is designed for small office desks that Stand Up and Varidesk Cube Plus 48 above may not fit properly. It has a desktop rack measuring 32.5’’ (w) by 24.5’’ (L). This can fit 2 24-inch monitors or a large monitor plus a laptop and still leave enough room for pens, phones, and cups. This standing desk converter sports an aluminum frame that makes it way lighter than most of its competitors.

House of Trade Hot 1011 Standing Desk

It uses air pistons to adjust the height from between 6.5’’ and 16.5’’ in height. Interestingly, it has numerous setting positions between its height range and can, therefore, be used by anyone.

  • Can be used right out of the box
  • There are 2 color options to choose from; white and black
  • Aluminum frame makes it light
  • Smooth height adjustments
  • Keyboard rack isn’t spacious enough for large keyboards and mouse pads

3. Rocelco ADR Sit/Stand Desk Computer Riser

Rocelco ADR Sit/Stand Desk Computer Riser

Rocelco is a Canadian company that deals with consumer electronics accessory products including flat panel mounts, microphone stands, projector mounts, TV carts and cables. In 2015, Rocelco ventured in desk risers and the brand has been their fastest growing business ever since.

Their Rocelco ADR is one of the best desk computer risers. It’s a valuable add-on to your home or office desk that raises your monitor as you stand and also lowers it down to a comfortable level for use while sitting. The best thing with ADR sit/stand desk computer riser is that it can be mounted on any desk. It has a strong clamping system and an arm that brings the screen closer to you.

The arm/monitor mount can hold a 27-inch monitor comfortably. If you have 2 24’’ monitors at your workstation, the EFD+2 accessory kit (this is sold separately) supports the 2 with lots of use. You can also tilt your monitors up to 150 for convenient usage. The arm also holds a large 26.5” x 9” ergonomic tray for your keyboard and mouse.

Rocelco ADR Sit/Stand Desk Computer Riser

Worth mentioning, you can utilize this computer riser while sitting or standing. Still, if need be, its dual 3600 swiveling pivot points make it easy to swing it out of the way.

  • Has compact design
  • Can be folded away
  • Strong metal design for durability and stability
  • Has 14’’ of height adjustment
  • Less spacious when standing

2. X-Elite Pro Standing Desk

X-Elite Pro Standing Desk

Day Martin’s Stand Steady is an award-winning company that specialises in monitor arms, sit stand converters, and different ergonomic office accessories. Day Martin started this company after she was involved in a car accident that left with minor back injuries. These made her time at work painful and uncomfortable. It’s only after she used a makeshift desk riser that her back felt better. That’s how Stand Steady was birthed.

In case you’re in need of an affordable standing desk converter large enough for huge monitors, the X-Lite Pro XL is yours. But if all you need is a compact standing desk with a minimal footprint, the X-Lite Pro is all yours. This standup desk currently holds the most coveted best-selling tag on Amazon. It has a simple and straightforward construction design featuring a laminated particleboard desktop and steel frame.

The desktop surface measures 28’’ by 20’’. It will accommodate 1 monitor and keyboard and leave enough space for your mouse pad and books. It has a 24.5-inch by 16.8-inch footprint designed to fit comfortably on most desks and cubicles.

X-Elite Pro Standing Desk

Quite impressive, this best-selling desk converter ships fully assembled. It has a 2.5-inche sitting position so you can still use it comfortably while sitting. The height can, however, be adjusted anywhere between 7 to 16 inches with its innovative pump-assisted lift.

  • No assembly required
  • Compact size for standard office desks
  • Easy to use
  • Choose from 4 exciting colors
  • A bit pricey for its size

1. Seville Classics Sit-Stand Desk

Seville Classics Sit-Stand Desk

Most standup desks are quite pricey. These high price marks make it a bit hard for most people to invest in these desks. However, as Seville Classics proves, getting the best standing desk below 100 bucks shouldn’t be a fight. Headquartered in Torrance, California, Seville Classics is widely known for its home organization units. Among other things, it deals with shoe racks, bin organizers, commercial garment racks, fans, and sit-stand desks.

Seville Classics Sit-Stand desk is an incredible option for people who use laptops a lot in their workstations. It’s an attractive unit with a 17.75-inch wide wooden top and a welded frame that offers rock solid stability while supporting up to 20lbs of weight. The wooden top surface has a deluxe finish and smooth edges that complement its unique design. It also has 2 stoppers to protect your laptop from sliding.

Another great feature with this sit-stand desk is its side table. It offers enough room for your mouse, mouse pad, and any other accessories including phones and coffee mugs. In case you’re wondering, this side table can be mounted either on the right or the left.

Seville Classics Sit-Stand Desk

Seville Classics also has a telescoping pole that makes it easy to use the cart while sitting or standing. It telescopes from between 27.5 and 40 inches and has a locking knob to secure it at your desired height. It also has 4 canisters (2 lockable) which make it easy to move it around with ease.

  • It’s cheap
  • It’s aesthetically-pleasing
  • Strong frame for durability
  • Canisters make portability possible
  • Less spacious


Standing has been found to be a remedy to different problems associated with sitting for long hours. However, as good as it is, remember not to overdo it. A good idea is to switch between sitting, leaning (if possible) and standing. All in all, it’s our hope that our write-up of the best standing desks reviews will help you identify a good standup desk for healthy standing.

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