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Top 10 Best Motorcycle Cameras Reviewed in 2018

Every conceivable technology now comes to life with daily innovations. Among the notable advancements are in the photo and videography industry. Everyone wants to capture unique happenings; hence captivating motorists, Bikers, and individuals in extreme sports. The rave is even more with the videos now being admissible in court in the case of road altercations.

If your biggest desire is in making memories of the most exclusive rides, you’ll want to look at this list to get that brand which sticks out with an impeccable design.

Product NameMAX Storage Capacity
HDERS 4K UltraHD F60R64gb
Sykik Rider Biker’s Camera SYBC632gb
Tachyon Biker Cam 1080P64gb
eXuby Bike Camera32gb
Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Camera32gb
GordVE KINGEAR KG00632gb
Aokon Waterproof SJ700032gb
ODRVM Wi-Fi Under Water Camera32gb
Ion Air Pro 1011 Lite32gb
Campark ACT74 WIFI 4K 16MP64gb

What Should You Go Looking for in a Motorcycle Camera?

Resolution: What you are looking at is the photo and video quality. It is typically expressed in numbers, ranging from 460p to 1080p and Megapixels for photographs. A high number indicates better the quality is. You should receive guidance by what you look forward to capturing.

Size: A small camera is desirable since it is lightweight. This feature is important because you’ll be mounting the camera mostly on your helmet. You don’t want to add significant weight which will just be a distraction.

Functional Operations: Are you able to control the camera with simplicity? Many buttons block smooth transition between modes. You’ll want to choose the brand with simple options without a steep learning curve.

Housing Construction: Do you need this camera for more than biking? Then look at the waterproofing so that you can successfully venture into other sports. A good case allows sound while keeping the interior components dry. This way, it is durable to afford you the best service.

10. HDERS 4K UltraHD F60R Sports Action Camera Helmet Cam

HDERS 4K UltraHD F60R Sports Action Camera Helmet Cam

With enhanced technology, it is now easy to capture all the memorable riding moments. HDERS Helmet CAM is one of the striking designs on the market. It records HD videos with 1080p resolution. The 4K footage gives a quality performance in improved video and image distinction. You’ll like that it has easy controls to make the process of retrieving the footage effortless.

This camera delivers 16MP photo qualities. If you like uploading incredible Instagram photos, then you’ll like the stunning capabilities. First, it has a Wi-Fi connectivity feature. You can continually upload the videos via your Android and IOS devices. This way, you can keep up with you social life even on the go. Simply download the HDERS app to control the functions right from your phone. With the Wi-Fi connection, the photos and videos sync directly with your smartphone platform.

It also comes with a wrist remote control. It is wireless such that you’ll not reach out to the camera after you mount it on the helmet. The 2.0inch HD screen receives no obstructions on the control interface. This display explores a 170-degree angle which is wide to capture every tiny detail in nature. You can use it for a whole lot of activities including, skiing, diving, hiking and many others.

HDERS 4K UltraHD F60R Sports Action Camera Helmet Cam

Besides, it comes with all the mounting accessories. This kit provides a perfect solution for installing it on different equipment. You’ll like that it has a waterproof housing for up to 98ft. This aspect is important for when you venture in wet environments or when you get into extreme water sports like diving. The control knobs are easy to access under water.

  • Produces photos and images in Ultra HD
  • It has Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Carries a powerful inbuilt microphone
  • Applicable in many environments
  • The charger adapter is not included

9. Sykik Rider Biker’s Camera SYBC6 Motorcycle Action Camera

Sykik Rider Biker’s Camera SYBC6 Motorcycle Action Camera

Motorcycle riding is fun. But it’s more of a thrill when you can recall the speeding moments on a motion picture. With a good bike camera, you can catch those memories to share with your family and friends later. We, therefore, urge you to invest in the Sykik Rider Biker’s Camera. It comes as a pair which provides both front and rear recording of events as they happen.

This is a high-performance camera which allows video recording from the motorcycle rather than your helmet. The point of view is ridiculously big, not to mention it captures images with 720p resolution. This means they do not fade out over time but rather catches the happenings in high definition to bring the outside world closer to you.

If you are not content with a device where the functions are hard to follow, then you’ll like working with the Sykik. It carries a simple touch screen interface for quick controls. You’ll like that it also has the Digital Video Recording (DVR) capacity. This way, you can take as many videos as you like in high definition quality.

Sykik Rider Biker’s Camera SYBC6 Motorcycle Action Camera

The device has a 2-inch LCD monitor with a unique picture in picture feature. It gives you the control of watching your videos while it displays photos on the rest of the screen. The Sykik uses a 32 GB memory TF SD card. You can store many photos and videos, and since it has a large space, one receives long hours of continuous recording.

  • They have a rugged construction
  • Can withstand recoil
  • Easy installation process
  • Produces high-resolution photos
  • Concerns about the buttons being hardtop press

8. Tachyon Biker Cam 1080P Motorcycle Camera System

Tachyon Biker Cam 1080P Motorcycle Camera System

A camera specially designed for motorists and bikers is what the Tachyon Biker Cam is. It has everything to offer for the active road guy who likes to keep their memories close to heart. The technology showcased by this camera reveals a well-made instrument for the best time during the day or after sundown. It is an all-around camera with the ability to take high definition videos.

The recording starts as soon as the engine roars to life. With the continuous charge capacity, it can record for hours until you stop running the bike.  This convenience lets you take continuous shots and videos; hence you’ll not miss a single thing. It is one of the simplest designs, offering a one button operation. Just by a touch on the dial and the camera starts or stops recording.

The Tachyon Biker Cam carries the necessary accessories to give you full value for the money. It comes with three mounting sets for the motorbike helmet of course and the other two for any other area you choose. You’ll like that it also bears a USB cable, 12V adapter, 16GB SD card, and a whole lot of other support elements. Another remarkable aspect is that it has a waterproof cover meaning it is immersible.

Tachyon Biker Cam 1080P Motorcycle Camera System

This camera has an incredible video looping function after every fifteen minutes. It makes edition the footage much simpler. Also, there’s an option of inputting the time stamp or skipping it all together. This way, you achieve total control of the recordings you make. You’ll like that it has a long runtime when it’s not plugged in for around 2 ½ hours. This is the type of camera you want to take along if you’re going to explore the outdoors.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes with the necessary accessories
  • Can be charged in the process of recording
  • Flexible usage
  • It uses a unique USB port, so it’s hard to find in case you lose the available one

7. eXuby Bike Camera – HD1080P Action Camera Motorcycle Helmet Camera

eXuby Bike Camera- HD1080P Action Camera Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Ever been in an accident where someone turns on you, and it becomes their word against yours? Relive yourself off that stress by bringing the eXuby Bike Camera with you. It comes in handy to takes quick shots in like you can have three images each 0.5 seconds apart. This means you’ll have physical evidence admissible in court in the case of an accident. It also has the option of taking the shots in a timer mode for the best time outdoors.

It can mount just about anywhere on the helmet, giving the flexibility of position to take the videos from the angle you like. It is at home as an action digital camera or sports camera, so it takes up the roles of outdoor activities recording. Since it is also waterproof, you can use it under water when catching precious water life moments.

It features 1080p quality video and image recording. This means you can keep an active social life by updating cool pics of the riding endeavors you go through. The footages plus the photos will serve as memorabilia long after they are taken because they retain their quality. It is a camera you want to consider as it offers the versatility of utilizing a 120-degree angle screen to capture the moments your eye may miss if you were making the recording directly.

eXuby Bike Camera- HD1080P Action Camera Motorcycle Helmet Camera

This is perhaps the camera with the highest number of accessories. It offers eighteen pieces which mostly come in pairs for the best action time. You’ll find that each set connects directly to the purpose of adding value to the experience. Be it the helmet, handlebar or clip mounts, it helps you exert control in the making of perfectly bright images which creates more than just memories.

  • Can be of use under water
  • It has many mounting options
  • Compatible with several storage capacity cards
  • Comes with the charger
  • The battery life is a concern among some users

6. Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Camera Bluetooth Communication System

Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Camera Bluetooth Communication System

The Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Camera brings us innovation at another level. It combines the camera with a Bluetooth and Communication System. This versatility allows you to utilize this device to its full potential. You’ll like the camera technology which provides time lapse and single bursts photo shots with 3.5MP. It produces stunning shots with high clarity and correct contrast. If you love updating your profile, then this camera gives an excellent experience.

You’ll also love the 1080P video quality. It supports recording of the voice to video thanks to the headset. In addition, the Bluetooth capability enables 4-way universal and group intercom communication up to 1.6km. This way, you can keep tag with other riders as you cruise down the highway. With the noise controlled communication is always clear without background noise.

This unit is completely waterproofed, so take your adventures to the next water sports event. Also included is an FM function, and Android and iPhone app. The external antenna makes for clear radio plus you can save the station for later use.  You’ll find that the operations come easy with one button dial system. It makes it easy to start and stop recording without fumbling with other functions. You can quickly choose between the camera button or the voice input user interface.

Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Camera Bluetooth Communication System

Another important aspect is that the firmware can be upgraded to the latest versions. It is intended to last you a decent period giving you all the full capabilities. It has a long recording time up to 2 hours while the intercom supports 17hours of talk time. The field of view angles to 125-degrees, giving you the high chances of capturing most features as you ride.

  • Can record videos and charge at the same time
  • Supports large SD card mem card
  • It has two resolution modes
  • It has an HDMI output port
  • It has a long charging time for the battery

5. GordVE KINGEAR KG006 1080P Mini Sports Camera

GordVE KINGEAR KG006 1080P Mini Sports Camera

One the most fun activities you can ever engage in is bike riding. With the rise in rapid technology changes, having to relive those moments is even better. We bring you a perfect way of recording your memories with the GordVE KINGEAR KG006 Mini Sports Camera. As it indicates, it is a small size with little weight, so it won’t bother you when you mount it on the helmet.

Do not let the size keep you from acquiring such a fantastic camera. It can record fully in 1080p, meaning the videos are precise and the imagery is up a notch. If you are into video blogging, try the quality showcases by this one to see an increase in the followers. Even YouTube video uploading sees improved quality. Did you know that videos uploads have the most searches and views online today?

Seeing that it supports a large memory SD card you can record extensively for up to 2 ½ hours. The monitor provides a wide screen with 120-degrees recording angle. It has an inbuilt microphone to record even the slightest sound. With the anti-recoil feature, it delivers smooth footage for that excellent outdoor experience.

GordVE KINGEAR KG006 1080P Mini Sports Camera

The exterior housing is waterproof so that it can withstand the harsh outdoor elements. This way, you are not restricted in venturing the outdoors when it is humid or pouring. You’ll love that it comes with a rechargeable lithium-Ion battery which can be of use in the process of making the videos. It can also take clear shots in low-lit environments thanks to the optics illumination.

  • Durable waterproof construction
  • Comes with the mounting accessories
  • Fast speed recording with high resolution
  • Can mount on different motorcycle parts like the handlebars
  • Cannot be of use for water sports like surfing and diving

4. Aokon Action Camera Waterproof SJ7000

Aokon Action Camera Waterproof SJ7000

If you love the outdoors, you’ll definitely like sharing your experience with your friends and family. The Aokon is an exceptional all-around design for all high adrenaline sports. That is if you love skydiving, surfing or extreme water diving. With it, the most crucial moments are captured in high definition 1080p resolution for both images and videos. It can go 30meters underwater, delivering great recordings with unique details.

For the camera, the optics has up to zoom action 4x. This means you can reach out to a further distance when you wish to catch the details in a uniquely colored fish. Even better, it has a 2.0inch screen with 170-degrees angle action. You can set it to endless modes when you want to discover all the capabilities of this camera.

If you don’t mind delving into the fine details, you’ll like the Wi-Fi controlled functions such that the operations sync with your phone and you can just adjust the models from a smartphone fast and easy. It allows you to achieve the best color fidelity with the 12MP photo quality. They do not lose their exciting aspects like the sundown or the snow fall if you are out for a skiing action.

Aokon Action Camera Waterproof SJ7000

With this unit, it offers you the outdoor accessories to go with the camera. For example, it can mount onto seven other equipment, comes with the charger and a USB cable. For the sports part, it carries ropes and tethers, bandages and a helmet seat. You’ll fall for the two rechargeable batteries which give continuous usage because you can interchange them.

  • It has many recording modes
  • Carries an ant-recoil feature
  • Long recording time
  • Toolkit brings all the essential accompanying features
  • Long battery charging time

3. ODRVM Wi-Fi Under Water Camera

ODRVM Wi-Fi Under Water Camera

Do you spend your waking hours on never-ending road trips? With an innovative camera, you can take your adventures to a whole new and exciting level. Even for you who like pulling daring diving and surfing stunts, the ODVRM Wi-Fi Underwater Camera affords the speed and efficiency you need. The tight, waterproof construction ensures it withstands the extremities of venturing underwater.

With an inbuilt Wi-Fi Action Camera, it enables you to sync the functions to your phone. This way you can caption your images fast for uploading. The editing is also quick as you get to review the pictures on your iPhone and Android smartphone. The Wi-Fi ranges up to 33ft, so you don’t have to have your phone with you to have smooth operations.

You’ll never go wrong when choosing this camera for your endeavors.  This is because the 12MP camera captures the most significant details at 30fps. It also supports other resolutions to help prolong the battery life and relieve off some mem space. That is the 720p and 480p video with the ability to switch the modes between the snapper and single shots for the camera shots. It bears a high 170-degree angle for broad coverage.

ODRVM Wi-Fi Under Water Camera

Complemented by a detachable battery, it provides for quick interchanging and replacement. It affords long recording time consistent with cinema-like quality. The resolution does not diminish even at a low battery. You’ll find it even more exciting when you can charge the unit with a USB cable mid usage. As such if you don’t have a spare battery the videos will not be cut short.

  • It is of use for multiple purposes
  • It has anti-shaking and motion detection modes
  • Excellent video and photo quality
  • It has Wi-Fi connectivity
  • It does not come with the SD card

2. Ion Air Pro 1011 Lite Wi-Fi Camera

Ion Air Pro 1011 Lite Wi-Fi Camera

Get in the action with the Ion Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi Camera. It carries beautiful features only seen in high-performance motorcycle cameras. It explores a one-piece construction to add to the strength and longevity of the device. With it, one captures still images since it can sit still on the mounting stand like the helmet, motorcycle handlebars or your car. It showcases great flexibility in the manner of usage of you better buckle up for the ride of your life.

The most important factor is the video recording quality in 1080p at 30fps and also avails 960p and 720p. These modes allow exceptional footage where you can instantly upload them using a Wi-Fi connection. The images go as far as 14megapixels, meaning they are also admirable and achieve high color envisioning. By syncing the camera with your smartphone, you can share the videos and photos instantly. It is compatible with the Android and Apple app for Ion Air App

The videos record with greater detail thanks to the 170-degree lens system. It has a comprehensive coverage so that it captures the background and front in high definition. You’ll like that the camera shots can switch between short bursts of multiple photos within seconds and also provide for time lapse images with chosen time breaks.

Ion Air Pro 1011 Lite Wi-Fi Camera

This camera is entirely waterproof. It bears a rugged construction with a sealed case for complete submerging in water. You’ll be able to receive the same high recording features underwater as you would when cruising on roads. Other included options are the mounting kits for different equipment. For example, it has the mounting option for the surfing board or skiing bars in extreme outdoor sports.

  • Vibrates when it starts and stop recording
  • Varies the resolution with according to choice
  • Many input options like the USB and Mic ports
  • Long battery life
  • The Wi-Fi connectivity is a bit challenging to sync if the app is not up to date

1. Campark Action Cam ACT74 WIFI 4K 16MP Sports Camera

 Campark Action Cam ACT74 WIFI 4K 16MP Sports Camera

The Campark Action Cam defines the complexities of motion pictures into a simple, lightweight unit. The learning curve is small with this device since it allows smooth and fast operations. With the distinct Wi-Fi connectivity, it allows real-time monitoring of the videos and images you take such that one can edit and share instantly on their phone. Even when you want to store your footage and photos in the cloud, just have the Wi-Fi mode on for continuous uploads.

There isn’t a place you can’t take your adventures. For the water sports lover, this is the camera for you. The waterproof casing allows diving up to 30ft to bring the underwater world closer. For the avid photographer, you can’t miss on the coverage with the 170-degree lens. The images are what we like to call over and above average. It captures in 16MP, so you better be armed with a large SD card because they tend to take up much space.

With 4K capacity recording at 1080p, it’s complemented by 90minutes battery life. The batteries are two pieces so that you can replace them when one runs out. This means the footage will run with consistency and for extended hours. For the actual viewing, transfer the file via the USB to a computer device. You can also opt for direct viewing via the HDMI function to your TV or Laptop.

 Campark Action Cam ACT74 WIFI 4K 16MP Sports Camera

This camera is reliable for various purposes since it comes with three mounting options. You can use it on your bike, motorcycle or helmet. It comes with four zip ties and three straps to fully support the ventures you undertake. It unlocks the search for an adrenaline thrill to the outdoor lover.

  • It’s the latest version
  • Reasonably priced for an action camera
  • Affords clear and crisp photos
  • Includes necessary accessories
  • Some users have issues with using the app


When choosing the particular camera for your motorcycle, considering the performance of each model is a must. With this list, you can delve comfortably into what makes each model tick. They are comparable with near similar features but it all dials down to what you like. Make it worth your while by making an informed choice.

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