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Bathroom Remodeling – Redefine Your Bath Space’s Performance

A bathroom should always be classic and at the same time elegant. It paves the way to better grooming. With a well-maintained bath space, you will always crave for the great bath or shower moments. Bathroom remodeling could be the only way to enhance your dull looking bathroom. There are different ways of doing this. You could choose to add some lights and mirrors or perform an in-depth overhaul.

So, where exactly do you start? Let’s find out.

Evaluating Your Space

The first step in bathroom remodeling is assessing and understanding the available space. You should get a clear picture of what you will be improving. Begin by asking yourself some relevant questions. Do you need to enhance the appearance of your bathroom? Either, by altering the mirrors, lights, and other decorative features? Would you want a complete change? Which will include furniture and other components of your bathroom? Understanding what you need to improve your bathroom is the best starting point. This will help you plan and carry out the process smoothly.

Consult and Compare

When it comes to improving your home for a better resale value. Enhancing the look of the bathroom could work magic for you. Consult an expert on the exclusive bathroom styles preferred by the high-end home buyers. Also, indulging into surveys by comparing your bathroom with that of the top seller homes could help you get a clear insight of what is necessary to clinch the top heights. You could also visit your friend’s home and get to know what is in their bathrooms and not in yours.

Figure Out Your Future Intentions

In as much as you want to improve your bathroom, some investments could be unrealistic. Putting your future projections into consideration could help you make a reasonable bathroom remodeling. If you plan on moving out to a better home in the coming years, indulging into a modest bathroom remodeling and renovation, without neglecting your preferences, will be not only economical but also wise. Again, if you have no plans of leaving your current home for the next decade or so, an in-depth overhaul or extensive investment in your bathing space could be reasonable. A life-term remodeling will be more economical if you plan to stay in your current home for the rest of your life.

Come Up with Your Budget

Bathroom renovations or remodels are expensive. They call out for wisdom and keenness to ensure you don’t dig into the money secured for other purposes. Always go for what you can afford without neglecting your tastes and preferences. Apart from getting high-end materials, the workmanship you invest in also matters. Again, don’t rush for cheap items; cheap is always expensive. When selecting the sink, faucet or toilet, go for reliable brands that will hold up for many years. If you are surviving on a small budget, just go for the highly needed elements. You could choose to keep the sink and rather renovate your floor or toilet.

Account for Unexpected Repairs

Accidents are bound to occur in your bathroom. Even before you finish the remodeling, you could end up breaking some elements. Also, after the complete bathroom remodeling process, the floor could cluster with unwanted materials. The sink could also block. Planning for such unexpected repairs could help you avoid surprises. It’s always advisable that you raise your budget a notch higher to cater for such occurrences.

Actuate Your Requirements

Prepare your budget and decide the amount of cash to invest. Then, it will be the right time to head to the market. Conduct a thorough window shopping for the fixtures, materials and essential features that you may wish to include in your project. List them down together with their prices. The total cost and budget should guide you in eliminating or adding some elements. Don’t think of purchasing before going through the following steps.

Consult and Hire a Professional Workmanship

If you are a professional DIY renovator with great experience, you could proceed to get the job done. Otherwise, it’s only reasonable to consult and hire a bathroom remodeling professional. First, get referrals from friends. on the most reliable contractors in town with excellent customer service. They should guide you to get the bathroom remodeling materials and your desired finish. Explain to the professionals your visualized overall project and also your preferred layout. They should guide you in going for the right design alterations that suit your budget.

Tips to Getting the Bathroom Remodeling Done Excellently With No Frustrations

Redefining your bath space will need wisdom and excellent skills. You need to understand what will make and maintain it exclusive. Having the most expensive materials is not the guarantee to an improved bathroom. You need some skills to clinch the top heights in bathroom remodeling.

After hiring the best bathroom remodeling contractors and making them understand what you expect, the next step is getting the job done. The following tips will ensure that no disappointments come with your bathroom remodeling.

Eliminate Water Damage


The bathroom sees the most water utilization than any other part of your home. It’s, therefore, more vulnerable to water damage. When remodeling, it’s only safe to ensure that all the structural components are waterproof. You should prevent any structural damage and mold/mildew problems. Your contractor should utilize the tile-guarding waterproof drywall in all required areas. The green board waterproof drywall is the most recommended. They should also seal your shower and floor by applying and surrounding them with enough waterproof caulk all around the connectors, shower pans, fixtures, and tubs. The grout, which is known to be porous, should also be sealed accordingly.

Prepare for Future Water Damage

After remodeling, it’s important to take necessary measures to prevent water damage. Always be keen to notice any sign of water damage in your bathroom. Regular inspection will prevent future damage. Always drain water from the bathtub after a shower. Dry the floor after a bath to maintain it moisture free. You can dry off the floor and other elements via a fan. Keep reminding yourself to inspect the water lines to your bathroom. In the case of any leakage, call a plumber immediately.

Be Ready for Inconveniences

Being ready for any disappointment prevents surprises. Just like any other process, don’t expect perfection, but rather an improvement. During and after the remodeling, some things might not work right. You might find some remodeling materials broken necessitating getting replacements. Again, after the whole process, some features may fail you. Even if some sections don’t come out well. Stay contented and be willing to appreciate the improved bathroom. You may also choose to venture into more correction after evaluating the final results.

Reward Your Feet

Reward Your Feet

In the case of replacing your bathroom floor, you could find it wise to install a floor heating system. It will maintain your feet cozy and warm every time you use your bathroom. It could also work magic in raising your home a notch higher above the average homes.

It’s wise to place a small woolen carpet or mat in your bathroom. It will help in draining water from your feet after a shower. Choose an attractive color that goes well with your bathroom décor. Place it away from the bathtub or sink to avoid spilling it with water. When too wet, expose it to the sun or use a heater to dry it. Own more than one piece for a replacement to ease cleaning without neglecting your feet.

Consider the Ease of Cleaning When Choosing the Materials

You could consider bathroom floor with new tiles or the walls with incredible mirrors. In either case, get time to analyze your choice’s maintenance requirements and durability. Travertine and Natural Stone products are more fragile and may need expensive cleaning products. Porcelain tiles are effortless to clean and more durable. The choice you make remains with you. Always conduct an in-depth analysis to ensure you end up with the best materials.

Prioritize the Remodeling Items

Features that are to be regularly used should be your top priority. The cabinets, faucet, shower head, sink, and toilet should take up a larger piece of your budget. Ensure that the every-day-use features are of the highest strength and quality. For the secondary features like lights, drawer pulls and cabinet knobs, you are free to search for genuine bargains. Also, for the decorative features, just go for the cheapest, but quality brands that suit your taste and preference.

Crucial Features to Consider Including in Your Bathroom Remodeling

Crucial Features to Consider Including in Your Bathroom Remodeling

Independent of the size of your bathroom, you are always spoilt for choice on what to include when remodeling the bathroom. You may choose to include some or all the available features, so planning is necessary. Below is a long, non-exhaustive list of the various bathroom components available. Go through it to familiarize yourself with them.


If you wish to add new countertops in your bathroom update, going for a winner model is not optional. Countertops are available in many different materials. Consider natural material like granite or a synthetic material like Formica. Also, marble and granite countertops are great choices too. And can provide an elegant look to your bathroom. But, they are more expensive and could be susceptible to staining due to their porous nature. The synthetic models can provide a great feel and look of natural stone at a friendly price.


Selecting the ideal sink for your bathroom update demands the utmost care. Many sink styles are now available with different accessories and features. Before choosing the sink, you should first measure the space allocate for the sink. Experts recommend sinks of 30 inches in size for a convenient clearance. You will also notice that sinks come in two distinct forms. One with the needed fixtures like spouts and an integrated faucet. While the other comes with three-hole setups, allowing you to place your preferred sink fixtures. When selecting a sink that works with different hardware, always purchase the accessories first and test their compatibility with the sink before purchase.


A new toilet could be the ultimate way to boost the functionality of your bathroom. Relocating your toilet could be more expensive in the sense that new sewer lines will be necessary, thus a wastage of time and money. So, it’s better to stick to the original position. When purchasing the ideal toilet, always measure your space to ensure it fits correctly. Also, consider the amount of water used per flush to provide a reduction in water consumption.

Other features to add to your bathroom include the following. Bathtubs, new shower, mirror, lights, wall coverings, and elegant flooring.

This guide aims at ensuring that you get the best bathroom remodeling. We are confident that, with this guide, nothing will stop you from renovating your bathroom in the best way. Good luck!

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