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5 Parenting Tips for Non-Tech Savvy Moms

Raising a kid has always been a daunting chore but the widespread adoption of mobile phones and internet access has made it more complicated. The new generation gets introduced to mobile phones, gadgets, software, applications and latest digital technologies at an early age. They are growing up with the things that are entirely different from the things their millennial parents had in their childhood. Today, there is social media, augmented and virtual reality apps, instant messengers and a whole new digital world to conquer. The parents of the digital generation are required to be acquainted with the things that are putting a strong impact on their children’s lives. Being a parent, you are not only obligated to safeguard kids from the meanness of the adult world but also from the dangers in the online world. If you are not updated about the latest technologies, you won’t be able to guide your children and protect your teens from the online dangers world. This article discusses how parents can raise their kids with least tech knowledge.

Never Say No to Learning

Parents are not just responsible to get their children introduced to the things that matter but they are also supposed to stay updated about the things that can matter their kids’ lives. Adopt the learning attitude and be always ready to learn new things. Develop interest in the latest apps, games, gadgets and technologies of kids’ interest. The internet has answers to countless questions. If you want to know about the newly released smartphone or an app, take support from Google search engine. Enter your query in Google and you will most probably have your answer. Meanwhile, experiment new apps and games so you can evaluate whether your kids are enthusiast about appropriate things or not.

Make Technology Rules

Rules are obviously not kids’ favorite thing but they can help a lot in getting your kids learn discipline. When it comes to technology, rules can help your kids learn the responsible and secure use of their devices such as the smartphone, computer and vehicles. Make rules and set time limits for the use of digital technologies. For example, do not allow your family to go online or communicating with their friends late night. There are certain parental control apps that help parents to set time limits for their kids’ use of mobile phones and apps. The limits and rules will prevent your kid from becoming addict to these technologies.

Encourage Physical Activities

Do not let your children stick to the television and mobile phone screens. Make plans for family trips and celebrate at least one day without the use of technology. Let your kids learn that life does not stop without technologies and mobile phones. Also, adopt the behavior you want your kids to adopt. For example, if you want your kids to give preference to humans over their smartphones, do the same with them. Give more time to each other rather than to social media and online strangers.

Communication Is the Key

Communication gap can cause horrible consequences as it can prevent your kids from sharing their bad experiences with you. Have regular discussion with your children and encourage them to share their sentiments and experiences with you regarding the mobile phones, social media and online world. Ask open-ended questions about their use of digital technologies. Ask what they like and what makes them like those things. Know about their favorite games and apps and share your opinion about those. Let them know what the dangers in the online world are; who child predators and cyber-bullies are and how they victimize kids. Such frequent and regular discussions will make them feel comfortable to share even their negative and personal issues with you.

Use Parental Control Software

The parental control software enables parents to closely watch out the activities of their children without becoming nosey. Once you install the software on your kids’ phones or computer devices, you can monitor all of their activities from your own device. You can monitor their social media accounts, instant messengers and other online accounts simply by logging into the online account of the parental control app. It helps non-tech savvy parents to stay updated about every single move of their tech-savvy children.

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