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15 Top Best Places to Visit In the World

Traveling is one of the best experiences one can ever have. People love it because they get new adventures and learn new things that are different from their culture. The only thing that can hinder one from traveling is finding a right destination. It’s a big world there. To get the best experience out of it, you need to know some of the best places that guarantee enjoyment for every minute of your time. You need places that are less expensive but give the best outcome regarding fun and friendliness. Of course, we have some people who are always sad about life.

They may find traveling an annoying activity. You need to understand that traveling is far away from stress. If you get the best place for your adventure, you will always be on the move to get the best experiences. Below is a list of the best places that you need to visit for you to have a great experience.

1. Ireland


It is known for not having snakes as St Patrick ordered their removal to dissociate the place from evil. Ireland is one of the best places to visit in 2016. It has green pastures and good rainfall. With many castles, the land lives to its cliché. Many people who visit the place praise its beauty designed by nature to appeal to the eyes. The country has some of the warmest people in the world. Visiting this country will be a great pleasure for you. You will enjoy every minute of your stay.

2. Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania, Australia

When you hear the name, the first thing that comes to your mind is the Tasmanian wolf. ‘Tassie’ as the locals call it is one of the fascinating places in the world. The place has had a good share of publicity because of rare animal species. It holds a record for having the world’s cleanest air apart from having many friendly locals. The wilderness is untouched. It gives one a feeling of discovering new places. If you like hiking, you will find some of the best hiking trails in the world. For your meals, you’ll enjoy fresh produce. In Oceania, there is no other place more relaxing than Tasmania.

3. The Philippines

The Philippines

For a long time, this Asian country has warmed many hearts. People advise others to visit this country because of its paradise-like feeling. With pristine waters, your fingers should cross that your best friend will visit it. There are paradise beaches and islands in the country.

Moreover, the country has one of the best-diversified flora and fauna. Its weather does not reach too hot or cold temperatures. The best time to visit the place is November and May. Nothing will beat swimming in the warm seas while it’s raining. From there you will enjoy Filipino cuisine know to have a good taste.

4. Oman


The country is considerably coming out of its shell to become one of the fascinating places to visit in the world. If you need one of the best authentic Asian cultures, visit the country. The country is not as remote as you may think. Though I has a great range of culture and heritage, there is some unusual architecture that you would love to watch.

Do a desert crossing and experience Wahiba sands. If you need an exotic honeymoon, this is the right place. You will also like an evening drinking at the surrounding sand dunes. Camel rides will marvel your time. You will get a different feeling f a sand desert.

5. Atacama Desert, Chile

Atacama Desert, Chile

The Atacama Desert stretches some 600 miles; it is the driest place in the whole world. Some parts of this desert have never had rain since the discovery of record keeping. The funny thing is that you may never see a sign of a lizard or gnat, but you will probably meet remains of everything left. The desert is a killer, but ironically, it is a conservator. It turns every dead thing to artifacts. The absence of clouds makes the place suitable for watching stars at night.

6. South Africa Safari

South Africa Safari

South Africa is one of the most developed countries in Africa. Having hosted the 010 World Cup, many people have had a keen interest in visiting the country. One of the best experiences in the country as a tourist is going to a safari. The country welcomes people from all over the world to see their fascinating wildlife. Going to this country, you will be able to see The Big Five.

7. Cuba


Fidel Castro’s country has so much to see. It’s not just about Havana. This year is the right time for you to visit Cuba. Celebrations such as the Havana Festival display the country’s culture. For music lovers, there is rhumba for your ears. Don’t forget that Cuban cigar is cheaper in Cuba than in other nations. You will enjoy the pristine shores of the country’s coastline. Discover the Baracoa’s mountainous neighborhoods. Cuba is the best place for salsa. In fact, it is its birthplace. You will end your evening with a bottle of rum.

8. Nicaragua


In Central America, Nicaragua is one of the must-visit destinations. A second but funny and lovely adventure will only happen in this country. When you visit it, you will probably forget about its ad past. The only secret for this beautiful country is that it is a hot place for your family. You can relish cheap beer, surf and have one of the best hikes you can ever imagine. You will love Granada. It is one of the well-preserved architecture of the Americas.

With Spaniards having visited the country, in the past, Granada shines in a lovely Spanish way. After you’re through with admiring the architecture, you will find yourself kayaking to nearby islets and want a hike to Mombano volcano. San Juan del Sur will take you off your feet. You will love surfing in the place. All the beaches in the area are beautiful, just like its women.

9. Morocco


Tourism is high in Morocco due to various factors. First, the presence of imperial cities such as Marrakech and Meknes gives visitors a good stay. They have wonderful squares and bazaars where people can bustle. Moreover, there are lovely beaches with natural beauty. In your visit, you may hire a camel or trek through the Saharan Desert. You can stay in the Dades Valley in a traditional Kasbah.

10. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China

If a city were a person, then Hong Kong would have been a giant. It is by far the most densely populated metropolis in the world. Having many skyscrapers that dwarf Manhattan, the city will give you the best public feeling you can ever have. You can feel yourself enjoying a lift on the longest escalator in the world. Great restaurants, many single women with education and great nightclubs make Hong Kong one of the best places in the world.

11. Madagascar


Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world A welcome to nautical activities; the country is a warm welcome to the seaside. There are various reasons why you need to visit this lonely island. The country’s flora has almost 15000 plant species. Over four-fifths of the plants are not anywhere else in the world. Lovers of orchids can have a busy time looking for over 800 species of which 600 are indigenous to the island. 165 palm tree species only found in some parts of the isle.

Moreover, Madagascar has a dramatic geographic outlay. Dry forests, deserts, and jungle last in the island. Moreover, the inhabitants of the island are a mix hence providing a mixed culture that is attractive to the outside world. Traveling and interacting with the natives will give you a delightful stay. A stunning coastline fascinates almost everyone. Madagascar has different palms on its coast.

12. Turkey


The country probably stopped being the sick man of Europe. It is because of many positive things associating with the nation. If there is a place you can never go to a wrong direction, it is Turkey. Its coastline is composed of great beach towns. The Back Sea is adorable. You need to visit Amasra to have one of the finest port feelings in the world. Compared to Mediterranean beaches, in Amasra, you will probably own a beach for about a day. Won’t you like the feeling? Mt Ararat is the country’s highest peak. They say that Noah’ ark landed on the mountain after the Great Flood. You can explore to see if the wooden remains exist in the place.

Turkey has beautiful valleys and mosaic-decorated monasteries. It is said, in Turkey, it’s very easy to befriend a goat as you walk on a mountain.. Where else in the world can you find a five-star hotel in a cave? Only Turkey offers that. You will probably get a good vantage point for your entire family while you adore the picturesque site of the place. Even though you may not be a Muslim, the architecture of Turkey’s mosques is breathtaking. Lastly, you will find the idea of underwater cities amazing. Take a boat trip to Rumkale Fortress. You will get the remains of the submerged village amazing.

13. New Zealand

New Zealand

According to many travel magazines, it is the best country to visit. There are many reasons for the claim. First, the island’s landscapes will make you applaud. Fjordland is one of the most astounding mountain terrains in the world. It is magnificent to every eye watching it. In the island, you will learn that Kiwi is a name for a bird as well as the indigenous people of the place. If you miss seeing a kiwi, you will surely watch flocks of sheep. The saying that there are more sheep than people in the island is not a lie.

You will have a different experience where rent is charged per week, not per month. The country’s culture will blow your mind. Believe it; New Zealand has the best coffee in the world. So think of having a cup while you’re on the plane.

14. The Patagonian Desert, Argentina

The Patagonian Desert, Argentina

Though the place is cold and lizard dry, the landscape is beautiful. There are unique plants and animal species in the desert, attracting a large number of tourists every year. Scientists visit the area to study the place’s ecology. You will love the Magellanic penguin and the Steppe’s opossums. Moreover, there are great national parks that serve you a great treat at the place. Be sure to get the most beautiful experience I an off-season visit. Don’t forget that the W trek hiking is one of the best experiences you can ever have.

15. Great Barrier Coral Reef

Great Barrier Coral Reef

It is one of the natural wonders of the world. The place holds a spot for every traveler’s bucket. The reef hugs the east coast of Queensland for a total of 1250 miles. It consists of 3,000 coral reefs, more than 1600 fish species and about 600 islands. The only thing you need to know before diving is your bearings. You will enjoy watching fish through scuba masks or let the tropical breeze unfurl your sail. By adhering to reef barrier practices, you will avoid danger from coming your way.

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